Saturday, April 28, 2007

Any Suggestions?


In the midst of all of this difficulty, one of the things Andrew and I look forward to is going on a short second honeymoon, Lord willing, just the two of us, once Andrew gets through treatment and is feeling better. We're not sure where to go though. So as we were thinking through our plans, it occurred to me to ask for suggestions. Let us know what you think! Send us an email or leave a comment on the blog with suggestions.

The most important thing is that it is sunny, near water and hiking, relaxing, and affordable.


  1. go to Aruba. Its quite, warm and peaceful. Perfect for Andrew to recover... There are also tons of activites to do if hes feeling better... Water sports, tours, horseback riding....


  2. How about Vancouver... city stuff and nature stuff. And it's not too far from where you guys live (at least driving distance). I don't think it's too expensive either.

  3. I highly suggest Cinque Terre in Italy. It's gorgeous, near the beach and it's 5 towns built into the cliffside and mountains. There are beautiful national park trails and if you're looking for a place to stay, I can recommend a wonderful B&B in Levanto, just a couple minutes away by train, north of CT.

  4. I've heard from many people that Costa Rica is all of those things and more!

  5. hey, Alan and I totally recommend Orcas Island! And it's right near to you and there is a beautiful mountain to climb if you want, camping or little cottages or a hotel. (whichever you like best)

  6. I recommend Costa Rica as well. Osa Peninsula in particular is gorgeous - Dan and I went there on our honeymoon. It's so relaxing and peaceful, if you want to just chill on the beach. But there are tons of nature walk opportunities as well.

  7. Hi Gracie:

    Belated happy birthday! For your second honeymoon, would you like to go to Lake Tahoe, Mexico or the Carribean Islands? I can give you a week from our time share but you have to give sufficient time for the reservations. Please think about it and email back so I can start calling RCI or Wyndham for availability. Hope Andrew is doing well.


    Tita Inday