Thursday, June 05, 2008

Would You Like to Encourage Andrew?

Hi everyone, you guys have been such an encouragement to us. We are so grateful that you care enough to read our blogs. While many of you express wishing you could do something but don't know what you could do, please know that even saying that is a blessing to us. So even if you think you're not doing anything, I think your expressions of love and concern either through emails, comments, cards, verbally encouraging us through your words or physically helping us, each contribute to Andrew's health. Studies have actually shown that a positive attitude makes a big difference in one's ability to survive cancer. Your expressions of love and concern often protect or help fish Andrew out of dark feelings, and thus are helping Andrew in his fight against cancer.

I would really like to encourage Andrew, as sometimes he feels so low in the thick of these treatments right now. I know that he loves to find out who is reading our blogs as well as read about memories (as do I) with people. We keep hearing about people who are reading our blogs, but who have not left a comment. So here is another request for comments:

Please leave your:
* First and last name (or at least initial)
* What state you live in
* How you found our blog

* a memory with us (if applicable)

- Please leave a comment if you have no relation at all to us and have never met us before. We love to hear when random people are reading are blogs, especially if it's in a different state or country.

- we are particularly wondering why few pre-college people have left a comment, so if you knew us in high school or as kids or are related to us in any way at all (mom, you do still read this, right?), please leave a comment and memory! Andrew will love this. And me too.

- please leave a comment if you are only acquainted with us

- please leave a comment if you are shy person

- please leave a comment if you never have before

- please leave a comment if you already have left a comment but just feel like writing about memories

- have I left anyone out? If I have, please leave a comment

We check our comments entirely too much throughout the day.


  1. We consistently check your blog and continue to pray for you and your family.

    "It is because of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not, they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness."
    Lamentations 3:22-23

  2. Hi, Andrew and Grace: I'm Jennie A., and I live with my husband Tim in Fairway, KS. We've never met you and heard of your blog through a comment posted on Dann Shubin's blog (we know Dann through our previous church family in California.) Tim and I are members of Providence Community Church in Lenexa, KS. Since I don't work outside our home, I have more freedom to check your blog and have shared updates with Tim so that we can pray for you and your children. Just like you, our hope is in our great God, who is able to do abundantly beyond what we could ever thing or ask. We're praying for you during this season.

  3. Hello Andrew and Grace:

    Andrew looks familiar to me, but I do not believe we have ever met. I am Rick Horio and I live in CA (I went to Grace Community from 1990-2006). I found your blog through Cynthia's Xanga (whose last name escapes me).

    I subscribe to your blog so I am always reading the new posts, even if you can't tell.

    Grace, though it's been a little while (a week or two or three?), I do remember reading your lengthy recent post and appreciating your thoughts. The internet has forever changed how we can communicate with one another.

    You guys don't even know me and yet I know about some of your journey and can lay your burdens at the feet of our Lord who knows all things and whose ways are higher than our own.

    Some things are just not understood this side of heaven, and I certainly have no words of wisdom to offer your situation. But I know you're not always looking for that.

    What I *DO* know, is that God is still on the throne. He is God and is intimately aware of what is going on your lives, the lives of others around you, and beyond... all at the same time. He is that big.

    And I can imagine some of the internal struggles you might be facing (though I won't dare say I understand anything about how you feel). Just know that I am encouraged to read how you are daily trying to trust the Lord. I know it's not easy to do sometimes, but I gather (from reading your posts) that you love the Lord so much and desire for His glory to be shown in all that you do.

    So, to make a long comment even longer, I praise the Lord for the encouragement/challenges I see through your story, and pray that I may be of some encouragement to you as you read this.

    I will be praying for you tonight.


  4. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    My name is Vicky. I live in NJ and I found your blog through Kevin and Jackie Hsu. We went to HIC together.

    I am a proud mommy to a 3-year old boy.

    I live as a testament of God's goodness and grace. Four years ago, my husband walked out when I was one month pregnant. And while our trials are so different, I know very much about coming to the end of ourselves. I pray that our Lord covers all aspects of your each and every day.

    I have been blessed by reading your blog!!

  5. ok you've convinced me to leave a comment :) I'm Audrey Yen, and I went to the GOC across town! =D I don't know if I've ever actually met you guys...but that doesn't matter much. I've been reading your blog for a couple months, when Luke Zheng fwd it to me. It's made a big impact on me - thanks for being so honest and sharing all of this with us. I'm just starting residency, and reading your blog (yes, i check daily!) reminds me of why I went into medicine in the first be alongside those who are sick and going through rough times. I'm praying for you and your whole family! Much love, Audrey

  6. Hey guys - this is Jackie and Kevin Hsu here. We know Andrew from the good ol' days of RCCC! :) Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we've been praying. We keep thinking about you as we hear about the revival in Lakeland, FL. Check out for some encouragement! :)
    [We're in FL right now but moving to PA next month!]

  7. Hay from Kansas! It's me again... We have had a "fun" evening of severe weather... I have to admit my heart rate increased a little bit as I hurried to finish dinner preparations while the tornado sirens were going off. I was perspiring a bit as my husband hurriedly stirred a pitcher of lemonade to take downstairs to the basement while I grabbed the plates, napkins, utensils and cups from the table which had been set 30 minute before. We took all this stuff downstairs to eat our dinner with Eric's battery operated AM radio on, the excited storm reporting giving listeners directions to take cover in their storm shelters. Taking this in, I tried my best to appear calm to the children (they wondered aloud why we were eating our spaghetti in down in the basement). Our son is very afraid of the thunder, I have shared with the kids Psalm 29:3, "The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters." Our gracious God is mighty and sovereign. He sends whatever weather is best for us. When the rumbling thunder is over (and sometimes the hail damage or tornado debris is surveyed), the outcome is always that the Lord sent rain to water the earth. He is glorified, and people and plants are nourished, and everyone is blessed in some way. I can't help seeing the analogy here to trials. God is so good. Love and prayers for you and your family.

  8. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    Mark and I are actually one of those who have been reading your blog but never left a comment. Sorry! We have been so encouraged by your testimony. We are specifically encouraged by how you have tried to learn from your trial every step of the way, and how your church family has been such a blessing to you. We have been praying for you and will continue to do so.

    We just had supper with Matt, Angel, Philip and Jena. We are visiting my sister in LA and on our way to Vancouver. We will continue to read your blog whenever we get a chance on our trip this year.

    Jennifer & Mark Stam

  9. Hi Andrew & Grace,

    I appreciate your openness and honesty with all of us readers out there... it has definitely helped in directing my prayers for you, and God has used your entries to remind me of how He amazingly meets each of us where we are at, both in seemingly big and small ways.

    Praying for you in Heidelberg, Germany,
    Allison F.

  10. Greetings from Louisville, KY!

    Hello, Grace and Andrew! My first memory of you is joining you for lunch at Davonni's after church. The Wards had invited us on the spur of the moment, and it was there we were introduced for the first time. While we were waiting, Andrew graciously offered to share your cheesy bread, and while we could have eaten our hands off, "manners" dictates "Thou shalt not scarf thy neighbors cheesy bread, neither shalt thou eat of it. Rather, thou shalt feign great fullness and keep thyself from staring at it whilst thy stomach growls that thy neighbor shall have plenty." :)

    I regret that our time together at Redeemer was so short, but am confident the Lord has great plans for his glory in the paths He has chosen for us.

    "And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

    May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins!" Col 1:9-13

    Looking with you unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith and trusting in His steadfast love that reaches to the heavens,

    Your friends,
    Audrea (and Paul) Fuller

  11. You've convinced me to leave a comment as well, as I've been a lurker :)

    I found your blog through Kim Suchta. I've been so encouraged through your story. And when I read that you are about the same age as my husband and I, I'm amazed at how graciously you have handled everything, and with such incredible faith in God. You have wisdom that is beyond your years, and I've appreciated reading through your thoughts. Thank you for being so open.

    Every time I see a post from your blog pop up on my Google Reader, it's another opportunity for me to pray for you, so keep 'em coming!!

  12. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    It's Kim Suchta. I have left comments before...and we go to the same church but because of circumstances we don't see each other much. I just wanted you guys to know again that you are always in our thoughts and we are praying for you and thinking of you every single day.

    I don't know if I have told you this, but a month or so ago, Mark and I were talking, and Mark was saying how witnessing this trial in your life has sanctified him and strengthened his faith and that he feels like a different person. I feel the same way.

    There are not words to describe the feelings and thoughts that go thru my head as I read some of your posts. I am always so taken aback. I just know God is using them to teach me and strengthen me and give me joy in Him.

  13. Hi Guys! This is Angie (from Los Angeles, California) and Dan Thornton (from Caledon, Ontario), together now from Dakar, Senegal. We just want you to know, once again, how often you are in our thoughts and prayers. Though Dan's battle with thyroid cancer doesn't compare with yours, his familiarity with being wheeled into an operating room and having a stranger cut you with a knife has made him particularly sensitive to those going through similar trials. We love you and are thinking of you always.

    On another note, I just want you to know that I am so glad we got to go out for Mexican food together when we went for a visit. I think of that meal often b/c it was so stink' good. And b/c my own versions of Mexican meals are fine, but there's no way to replicate that Mexican restaurant feel (even if they claim not to use lard!). And b/c it was one of our last Mexican meals before moving to Africa. And b/c it was a meal we were able to share with Andrew and he actually got to taste it. What a privilege! :)

    We'll post as often as you need encouragement, even if we don't think we have anything of value to say. Just that we're here and want to do anything we can to help.

    Love you,
    Angie & Dan

  14. Andrew and Grace,
    Your blog spot dated Feb/Mar 07' really has touched me and I can only be humbled by your words. You guys are so giving in you own time of struggle and strife. God has surlely blessed you both. I see that your family has now caught the attention of the world. Ha, I just figured out why, your faith in God. It is really amazing what that simple act can do. Not only for you but those are you are confused by you good spirits. You Andrew are the Man, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Your wife adores you and you kids are amazing. Please continuely pray to God for stregth and He will guide your needs and desires.

    Have to go now, I am at work.

    God be with you and Godspeed you to recovery. I love you guys, thanks for being there when I needed it.

    Erik Greene

  15. My name is Stephanie Lin. I am married with no kids. I have been married for almost 2 years come July 15. My husband used to go to GOC, though you may not remember him....Jonathan Lin (he was only there for 2 years for grad school), but you may know his brother Winston Lin who was there for longer and was Jane's year. Anyway, I found out about your site from Jane Kim, formerly Jane Park. I actually check your blog every day. There are a couple of us at our church, Cornerstone Bible Church who read your site and are sooo encouraged by it. It has personally ministered to my soul. You are definitely in our prayers.

  16. Hi Andrew & Grace!
    Glenn and I and I'm sure all the rest of Grace Bible miss you terribly! We read your blog all the time and pray for your family constantly. Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping us all posted on new developments.
    My happy memory is of the day we and Steve & Lydia Hickok and Aaron Yokers and several others helped you move from your apartment into your new house! Glenn and I were still kinda new at church, and helping you guys with everyone else made us feel like part of the community. It was great fun! That was the beginning of our friendship with the Hickoks (first day I met them actually) and after we were done moving, we all sat on the floor and ate pizza, and felt like college kids again!
    Whenver I'm in Snohomish, I always think, the Marks use to live right down that road! And I remember that super fun day!

    Continuing to pray for you,
    Glenn & Erica
    P.S. I've not posted before because I'm an addle-brain when it comes to technology and I'll probably mess this up too!

  17. Hey Andrew & Grace,
    This is Dennis Jamora, Grace's cousin formerly from West Virginia, now in Ohio. I keep my church updated on you all, and several people have started reading your blog. It has been quite a while since I have even seen "Gracie" as I remember her. We are continuing to pray for you and look forward to the day when we can meet. Hey, at least you moved closer -- from Washington to Minnesota!

    One note of encouragement on how we are to live our lives each day: growing up and visiting Gracie and her family in New Jersey, we never really spoke directly about the Lord and His wonderful salvation that He freely gives to us. But upon reading Grace's testimony and how the way that we lived before Grace and her family actually spoke to them ... well, it was encouraging and humbling. I'm glad that Tony was able to spend time with you all while he was in school. And it is so wonderful to know that even if we cannot physically make it over to see you, that we will be together for eternity in Heaven!

    Thank you for your testimony, and remember that there are many praying for you in Troy, Ohio.

  18. Hi Grace and Andrew! It's Jane Kim here again, just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your blog has encouraged me more than you know, and I have been sharing your story with my family and friends. Thank you so much for not wasting your trial, but using it for God's glory and the edification of the universal church! Reading your blog makes me long for heaven so much more, since it will be a place when we are given perfect bodies, and sinless hearts to worship the Lord! Please continue to write as much as you can, so that we can pray and carry your burdens to the Lord's throne of grace!

    In Him, jane (park) kim

  19. Luke Zheng,
    Back in CA now

    I remember when Andrew first came out to DC and told me he sold his car/bike (forgot which one it is) to get Grace's ring and went off and told me about the three C's for picking out a diamond. Obviously i didnt pay too much attention. BTW at that time most of our friends were thinking what is this guy thinking getting married this young?

    It was also great to finally meet grace when she came out to DC a few months later. :) and i started to think, "i can see why he wants to get married."

    Most of my college memories consists of Andrew telling us "hey guys that might not be a good idea" :( plus the tons of energy drink andrew would bring over.

    Please update more. I check this quite a few times a day. :)


  20. Hi Grace and Andrew
    I know Grace because she is my younger cousin & we grew up in NJ.
    I live abroad in Switzerland so I have been following the blog to keep myself updated.
    Though I have not met Andrew .. the blog has given me such a wonderful portrait of a loving husband, father and friend.
    I have great memories of Grace as a toddler, teenager but the thing I most remember is how artistic she was/is. Talented ballerina, pianist and writer.
    I ll keeping praying for you all. Sending you a lot of hugs.

  21. Hello Grace and Andrew,

    My name is Amanda and I have never met you. I found a link to your blog on Steve and Angie's xanga.

    I have been so encouraged and convicted by your stories...your fights to trust the Lord in the midst of overwhelming difficulty. You have really helped me to worship the Lord along with you as you daily apply His grace and His word to your life and situation. Thank you so much for how the Lord is using you! Thank you for not fainting but for standing strong in Him. What an amazing heavenly reward awaits you!

    I attend Grace Community and work at Grace to You. May I leave a link to a sermon series that has tremendously blessed my life?

    I pray for you daily and look forward to learning more from your walk with the Lord.

    My email is

    Much Love in Christ,

  22. Hi, Andrew and Grace:
    We pray for you a lot, and recently told Aaron Stillman's parents about you and your blog. Aaron and his family are in Chicago now.
    Have a week-end free of pain and enjoy God's goodness.
    Gloria, NJ

  23. This is Sue Lee, sister of Jane Kim (Park), member of Cornerstone Bible Church. You might remember my emails from a few months ago, telling you about how you have encouraged me and my husband in our own trials with our special needs son. Grace's entry "What's at the end of my rope" challenged me tremendously. As she wrestled in prayer concerning her fears about the future, I've been prompted to do the same. Grace encouraged me to lift up my fears to the Lord and be satisfied with His sustaining grace no matter what happens in the future with our son. Thank you for your bold faith and example of clinging onto Christ. Please know that your trials are not in vain and that you are encouraging so many others to persevere and honor the Lord in suffering. Thank you so much for opening up your lives!

  24. Grace and Andrew,
    We have been having power cuts here in Dakar, Senegal. I just want you to know that we are remembering you in the fight.

    I remember coming to visit you guys. I wish we lived closer so that we could help you in person. Just know that we are making intercessory investment for you here in Senegal.

    Dan Thornton

  25. Andrew and Grace,

    The Luses still miss our sweet friends. Our children are constantly praying for your family. It is very sweet to hear the hearts of the young ones as they pray for "Mr. Mark" Their request each time is that the Lord would "take away Mr. Mark's cancer" or to "make Mr. Mark all better". So please know you are always on our hearts and we talk of you often, especially to our great God.

  26. Hi Andrew & Grace. My name is Stacey and I live in Redondo Beach, CA with my husband, Sidney. We've never met and heard about your blog through Kenia Sanchez. I check your blog regularly and am so encouraged by your faith in our wonderful God during this trial. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Praying for you.

  27. Andrew, Grace and family,

    This is Jolie Hall in WA state. I have been reading your blog since you attended Grace Bible church. My memories of your include the following: Ryan coming home from work to let me know that Andrew stopped down South to visit him where he works, seeing Grace in the cry room and sharing "Mom" moments and just praying for you and your sweet family!
    Reading your blog has brought encouragement as your love for our Lord and savior shines through, smiles to my face / heart and tears to my eyes.
    You are in our prayers and we love seeing the updates and what the Lord is doing in your life.
    God bless you all.
    Love, The Hall family

  28. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    My name is Carrie Van Tuyl. My husband Jeff performed MAtt and Heather's wedding. So I heard about you guys through Heather's blog.

    May God contiue to grant both of you the strength that you need and may He give both of you the wisdom that you need during this journey. I do not totally know what you are going through but I do have some understanding of the unknow factor, as we lost a 3 month old son 4 years ago from heart related issues. I urge you both to continue to seek God in all of this and not to lose heart when things look bleak. God has you where He wants you.

    In His AWESOME love and grace

  29. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    It's Bryanne. Just wanted to let you know that I pass on your updates to many people. Your faith during this trial has encouraged me spiritually. Your family is in my prayers.

    On a slightly different note, I also wanted to say that I also am learning a lot from your posts.

    I am studying to be a speech-language pathologist, and I have studied dysphagia, PEG tubes, etc in my classes. Your posts bring new light to the things that I have studied.

    Everything you post about helps me see these things from the patient's perspective. What is it like to actually have to deal with the PEG tube? In our classes, we learned about the benefits of the PEG tube and why it is used. I never considered that it hurts!
    How does it feel when the doctors ask you to consider having a laryngectomy? All these things are things I will never be able to learn in class.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  30. Sharon O'Sullivan

    I've spent some time in Los Angeles and know some people in GOC, UCLA. I found your page when looking at Bethany Ayre's page this summer and was touched by it.

    I've never met you before but have been checking your page every now and then to see how you are doing. I have been praying for you from time to time. I pray the Lord will keep you both and will answer your prayer for healing for Andrew.

  31. This is Cheryl Frueh from Central NJ, member of Grace's old church, Calvary Baptist. I am blessed every time I read your blog because you are always pointing people to Christ. I remember your beautiful wedding day.

    Everyone at Calvary is praying for you all the time. My husband, Eric, and our sons send their regards. We all love you in Christ.

  32. Jen W
    Suchta Family - we travelled to China with them!

    Praying for your family.

  33. Hi Andrew and Grace,
    I'm sorry I haven't left a comment before, I'm not very computer literate!! We miss seeing your sweet family Sunday mornings at church and at Friday HFG. You are in our prayers.
    When I talk about you with my kids, they ususally remember you from the times we helped take care of AJ. They loved playing with him! He was a lot of fun to have over.
    We will continue to pray for you guys.
    Love, Mitch and Nadene Rothenberger,

  34. Hi Andrew and Grace,
    This is Becca, Sarah Lai's older sister who lives in Bothell, WA. I've met you once when you were living in Snohomish with Sarah. She told me about your website. What an amazing testimony you are sharing everyday. Thank you so much for your honesty. You are always in our prayers.

  35. hey gracie i love to read your blog there are lots of memories i could write about ok heres one....we were at some diner in nj late at night...ofcourse and you were going on and on about this "cute guy" you met in cali who was from nj i remember you going on and on how he talked and dressed and i dont even know if you had actually talked to him yet...but you had met...and you had been admiring him from a distance and you were sooooo excited about him...this was my first introduction to andrew....who would have known that, that night you were talking about your future husband!! Love you guys Rebekah and the Zepeda clan

  36. Ben & Shaina EnglundSaturday, June 07, 2008 10:14:00 PM

    Ben & Shaina Englund
    Washington State

    A great memory I have was helping Andrew pack his belongings when they were leaving Seattle. We piled as much as we could on top of the Town and Country minivan, wrapped it in shrink wrap, and tied it down has hard as we could. The fun part was taking it for a spin and trying to mimic the extreme conditions they might encounter on their trip.

    I also had a great time running your garage sale while you stepped out to get some more supplies. People came by to look at your sale items and I did the best I could to keep the prices as high as possible.

    “How much do you want for the shelf?”

    “No that isn’t just any bookshelf, that is a genuine hand-crafted late twentieth century bookshelf assembled in Everett Washington”.

    “I’ll give you 1.50”.

    “I don’t think I could part with it for less than $3.00. Look into those big cute eyes of Gracie and tell her why her bookshelf isn’t worth $3.00”.

    “I’ll give you 1.55”.


  37. Andrew - you are a man. You are grappling with the realities of suffering and God in ways that many men have never done. Your maturity and growth in the Lord is evident even through the blog, so be encouraged - God is working! The Lord is using your endurance and faithfulness in powerful ways in my life and I have been able to use your story of God's sustaining grace to minister to others. Please keep living each day by faith, not only for your sake and your family's sake, but for my sake and everyone else who is praying and trusting our Father through this!
    Grace - Your honesty and transparency has been convicting to me as you share of the very real and present battles in your own heart. I praise God for your openness to the daily war, which makes our issues seem like mere squabbles. You are not taking God's grace for granted. Your example has been teaching me to be incredibly thankful for every ounce of that grace that He mercifully gives me. Please keep strapping on that armor (Eph. 6) and fighting the lies that lead to despair and hopelessness. Also remain humbly coming to Jesus and clinging to Him.

    I don't think I ever officially met you when you were involved at Grace Bible Church, but I do remember reading the story of your providential delivery of one of your children at your home, which was posted on the nursery wall. I have been praying and will continue to pray.

    Micah James Lugg
    Lake Stevens, Washington

  38. hi grace and andrew,

    i tried to leave a comment previously but not sure what happened to it (cause i couldn't find it again). just thought i would try again and let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. our small group is going through hebrews and it was my turn to facilitate last week on chapter 12. i read andrew's post and shared with the group from your experience your attitude and bravery is inspiring.

    grace (chan) doi -- knows grace from GOC, currently living in stockton, ca and found your blog from cynthia's xanga.

  39. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    We know you from GOC-UCLA and have been praying for your family as often as we think of you (very often!). It’s been such an encouragement to our hearts to read how you are responding to the trial God has placed in your lives. Our church family at IBC has been praying for you as well.

    I remember being so relieved when Andrew sold his motorcycle (to someone else) – Steve really wanted it! We also remember one Sunday morning at Crossroads after you had just attended the ballet when Andrew did a pirouette (?) while standing at the front of the room during the break time. There were easily 700 sets of eyes that saw him do it, and it was then that we knew he was really hooked on Grace!

    Jenn and Steve
    Huntington Beach, CA

  40. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    I see you guys once or twice a week and check your blog a few times a week as well. Please know how much we love you and have been encouraged by your blog.

    In Christ,

  41. Andrew and Grace - We think of and pray for you often. Justin even woke up the other night b/c the Lord placed you on his heart to pray. Know that we are walking through this journey with you, even though thousands of miles away. Much love!!! The McKittericks

  42. Jenni and Wayland Wong checking in to let you know we are still reading and praying for you as the Lord puts you on our hearts. Hang in there, Andrew, and you too Grace!!

  43. love you guys.
    Grace, I remember you sitting on my couch while studying Ruth and saying that you could never be a nurse. Now look what God has enabled you to do by His grace and strength. Please give us an update on how your nephew Issac is doing.
    Andrew and Judy Williamson
    Los Angeles

  44. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    This is Phil and Kathleen Fung. Our parents have been keeping each other posted for some time now, and so we've been following along on your blog for a good bit. We are praying for you.

    I remember growing up with Andrew, since we were all about the same age. We had a lot of fun. We were pretty bummed when we found out they were moving to New Jersey from CA. It was nice to run into the Marks again once Andrew was back in CA at UCLA for college. I do remember having a good time with the Marks, and Andrew and his siblings included at the sushi place when we all came down for graduation. That was a lot of fun. We'll have to do that again sometime.


    the young fungs

  45. dear grace and andrew ...

    andrew, i don't know if you remember me. i'm danny lee, addison's old roommate. we met several times when you'd meet up with addison. and every time addison would come back from spending time with you, he'd glow ... he'd talk about how amazing your testimony is. he'd use you as an example of how maturity in Christ isn't about how long a person has believed, but how faithfully they live.

    grace and andrew, your posts are humbling ... to hear how you and the kids not only persevere, but obey joyfully, puts life into perspective ... your accounts do not diminish the anguish and trials, but use these difficulties to display God's faithfulness. this is nothing short of amazing ... God's sanctifying work is brilliantly displayed through your family.

    please keep writing ... please know the effect your ordeal has on people ... God uses it to teach me what it is to live in His presence ... God uses it to teach me how to pray ... God uses it to show me how to glorify Him. i will continue to pray and read.


  46. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    I heard about you through addison (IBC)Immanuel Bible Church we go to the same church in L.A. He constantly updates us with your prayer needs. I read your updates and it encourages and amazes me with each of your entries. Whenever I think of a testimony or an example of Christian living that is pure, simple, faithful, and real, I think of you two. I'm thankful for how you share your faith with everyone even through this trial and through your blog. I was so encouraged and amazed by what you said on your video before your went in for your first surgery. I'll always remember your attitude of Christ-centeredness, others-focusedness, and belief in God's sovereignty from that video recording.
    -Liz Wang

  47. Hello Andrew & Grace.

    You already know at this point, that I found your blog through Rick Horio who posts occasional updates about you there.

    Rick seemed to be really moved by your situation, and that is what drew me to read your blog for the first time a few months back.

    When I did, I was immediately drawn to you both because of the extent of what God was doing in your life, and your verbalizing it with such transparency and honesty. It really blew me away.

    And though I know 1 Thess. 4 says this in the context of experiencing death, the principle remains the same, you both have been to me a living testimony of those who "grieve with hope".

    Since that 1st visit on your website, I've had a hard time getting you both off my mind, and I continue to be a regular visitor to your web page. I read the most recent entry - "5 Weeks of Treatment Down" and I just marvel at God's grace being put on display through your living example.

    I continue to be moved not only to pray, but to regularly see and learn of God's grace vividly lived out in your lives right in front of me, and I've never even met you!

    My wife, Trudy, and I believe we know you, nonetheless, and we see and have learned what a precious couple you are, and that God is making you to be for His glory. That is, in part, a testimony to the way you both communicate with such candid transparency intertwined with God's grace and hope.

    There is a reason most of us are drawn to narratives in the Scriptures, partly I think because they are ways of observing doctrine lived out in real life.

    Because every man and woman is a sinner, we would expect Scripture narrative to include accounts of the good, the bad, and the ugly... and so they do. Such accounts are unparalleled in that regard among every "religious" book ever written.

    We know of course the reason for this - as those who've come to believe that Jesus is the Christ - they are inspired of God and inerrant, and so we would expect no other so-called holy book to reveal this "non-cleaned up" version of man's life, and none does.

    Why would they, unless they are real, and can't be denied as part of God's salvation plan being worked out. That, of course, is one of the things that makes the Scriptures a testimony to their own authenticity as God's own.

    I can say the same about your lives before those who read your blog, because you are so real. We know you are authentic people who have Christ at the center of your life. No one could experience what you are going through and communicate about it the way you do, and not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

    Thank you for living your lives as a living testimony and hope to so many who see Jesus Christ working through the harsh reality of what you're facing, all the while striving to cling to Him, and to love Him with all your hearts, souls, minds and strength (even when that is, at present, very limited Andrew, and you can't speak as you'd like). God is being seen by us and many others, and is honored!

    And you, Grace, are a very gifted communicator. I knew my wife (Trudy) would so identify with who you are, that I've even, on occasion, printed out some of the entries and read them together with her. She's been blessed and better for it.

    We both live near Grace Community Church (where we attend) on Roscoe Blvd. in Panorama City and look forward to observing more of God's mercy and grace through your lives in the days ahead.

    We pray to that end, even that God would allow complete healing if that would most glorify Him. Certainly that's our desire, and we know yours as well.

  48. hi marks - we learned about your website through our friends at immanuel Bible church, who knew you at ucla. we know the runyans, brinton, the homs, addison, etc - all people we are so glad God brought to ibc within the last several years, and we are sure you all are of like mind and heart. they have brought your story and situation to us. we are praying for you. i will spare you stuff about persevering and enduring and everything, because God is teaching it to you every moment, but please do know that we are humbled by your examples and we thank God that we all know His love and grace towards you. THANK YOU for sharing!

  49. Andrew and Grace,

    You may not remember me but we use to go to GOC together. Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you guys. Thank you for being such a great encouragement in the midst of this difficult trial.

    Tiffany Chan

  50. This is Cecilie H. and I know you, Grace, from GOC. My first memories of the two of you are from Heather's wedding, and then at Heather's in Seattle as you were getting ready to move. Our visit was short but very sweet and I remember being grateful that Matt and Heather had a couple such as you for friends. I am so blessed to read what each of you write during these difficult days. I keep you in my prayers and I see God being glorified through your lives. Sometimes it is just so moving, I cannot think of any adequate way to comment. So I just sneak away to pray some more. How I am amazed at the Father's work in the two of you as you endure. It is a GOOD WORK you are doing -- "Let your light so shine before men that they will see you good works and glorify your Father in Heaven." Thank you for sharing so honestly and honoringly.

  51. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    John knew Grace back at UCLA - your beautiful family came to visit IBC a little while back. Addison has been keeping our church updated and we've been praying for you, and are so encouraged by you both. Thank you for sharing and your example of faith and trust in the Lord.

    Press on...
    John and Jean Lee

  52. Dearest Andrew & Grace,

    Once again I stand in awe of how the Lord continues to make us see an eternal perspective through your lives. We think of you often, praying for you, and look to Christ as we seek for His help to see Him as more valuable than anything this world has to offer. We stand amazed at His continued work in your lives. We send to you our love!

    The Magee Family
    Mark, Shadra, Andrew & Zac

    p.s. I know there are a LOT of people who read this blog on a regular basis who have not posted a comment! Specifically, there are many from GCF in Spokane who continue to pray for you and check your blog for updates.... SO, please add your encouraging words, my GCF friends, because I know you're reading this!!!

  53. Dear Andrew and Gracie,

    This is Cary and Lois Green from Berlin, Germany. We met you guys through a Grace Bible picnic at Chris Green's in 2006. We have been praying for you and following your blog. Thank you for journaling what the LORD is teaching you. We will continue to pray for you as you finish out these six and a half weeks of treatments. Hang in there! May the LORD continue to give you the strength you need for each and every moment.

    Because of His grace,
    Cary and Lois

  54. Hi Grace & Andrew,

    This is doms. I found your entry thru a link from Andrea and Jeff. I know Grace from Angie's small group (what year was that!!?? i suppose 10 years ago now?). I don't know why I remember this - but what stands out about Grace was during one of our small group meetings, Grace was telling us her testimony. She said one of the first things she did when she became Christian was to put her feet on her bible. I think she felt really liberated to realize her faith was no longer thru her own works but in Christ alone. but in all honesty, i thought Grace was a little odd w/ the feet on the bible thing. ha ha... but when you get to know her...who could resist but love her?

    Grace - As I was reading your blog...I wonder now as a wife and mother what would i be doing if i were in your shoes?? And have to say that I am completely humbled by your God-honoring attitude and wisdom. I welled up w/ tears reading your entries. I, many times selfishly wish we didn't have to grow closer to God thru suffering but come to understand (in my own limited way) that it is only when we are at our lowest that we cling the hardest to God & Christ. It has to be this way to grow and for us to keep one eye on eternity.

    Andrew - I just want to let you know that my father-in-law survived 2.5 heart attacks and cancer. You would think at any of those things would have surely killed him! But he's a survivor. My husband remembers when his father had cancer he'd continue to work really long hours (b/c he was a manager at Hughes/Raytheon at the time) and then go to chemo after work...only to come home to puke his brains out. But what Tony remembers best is that his dad never once complained... never changed in his personality (still was the funny/jolly man despite being zapped of all energy and strength and feeling the worst he has ever felt in his life). So Tony and his brother never realized how dire the situation was until much later when their mom revealed that she thought their father was a total goner. But he surely proved her wrong! Praise the Lord!
    Though his body suffered much, his character was impenetrable. His sons will never forget how he responded to this trial. He set a really good example for them to follow.
    And though Tony has never told me, I know he has TREMENDOUS respect for his father. As do I.
    I admire Tony's father so much. And I also admire you very much. You are setting such a high bar for us to follow.

    Sometimes when we are all together, we joke about how one of my coworker recalls my father-in-law biking to the hospital after his heart attack (which wasn't what actually happened at all)...but then we dramatize the story even more and then laugh about it...or poke fun at my father-in-law at how the doctor was shocked that he gained weight while undergoing chemo (due to the fact that he loves food so much, he was actually overjoyed when his doctor told him to eat whatever he could to sustain his weight)...we have a good time w/ his past trials b/c tony's dad is such a jokester.. he pokes fun at himself too. And most of all we can rejoice and have fun with him about it b/c it is in the past.
    I do hope and pray someday (and hopefully soon) you guys will have your funny jokes to share amongst your family and that the dark times will be something of the past.

    It sounds so cliche to say that it's not the destination but the journey...
    but as I've gotten older...and no longer consider myself invincible....I realize we CAN go at any moment. Consider it such a blessing that you can fight for your life. And that thru the so many people are praying for you and that our God hears you. My cousin passed away in a car accident 2 years ago..never to ever reach 29...never to have another chance to know Christ...and I never had a chance to pray for her life b/c my family concealed the accident from me...
    so while there is still day... I say FIGHT! and remember that you are completely lathered and soaked in prayer by people all over the world. And so blessed to have God Almighty on your side.


    PS looking at my father-in-law, have to agree that a positive attitude is good for the health/soul. Press on!

  55. hi andrew and's the homs. so remember when you guys stayed over at our place in the summer of 2006 while we were in europe? i think joy chiu visited you guys there while we were away. well, she left her camera at our place and i finally came upon it while we were packing (we have since moved to brentwood), and i realized it was joy's camera from a picture she took of herself with you guys! i remember when you guys came back from your honeymoon and someone was having a get-together or something for you guys at a park, and i remember you guys telling stories of your honeymoon to the philippines. it made me really want to go to the philippines!

    another favorite memory of mine is hearing you guys tell the story of gracie's birth. you guys crack me up.

    thank you for your blog. please know that we love you and pray for you often.

    pat and ben

  56. We're from IBC (we heard through Addison), and we pray for you guys regularly. Wishing you the best for Andrew and for His glory.

  57. I've been trying to remember any sort of fun memory I have with both you, Andrew, AND Grace and just this weekend I found one! Remember that retreat in Palm Springs right after you guys got engaged? And we went to Joshua Tree National Park and took pictures? And then late that night we 3 (and I think more) went to a sandy open lot and lay out under the stars? I just remember you guys smiled a LOT and were a 'glowing' newly engaged couple :)

  58. hey Grace and Andrew!

    it's Anastasia from back in the GOC/UCLA days. i've been going to Immanuel Bible Church (IBC) for the past few years now, and the Lord has blessed me with a great church family there. you guys are constantly in our prayers!

    i must admit, i am one of those lurkers.. sorry! i wanted you guys to know that your posts are such an encouragement to me, to so many of us. Grace, although we weren't able to have small group together for that long, you were such a godly example to me. now that i'm married and although we haven't spoken in a while, you still continue to set an example for me - whenever i read your posts, i am touched by how you are such a loving wife and a strong support for Andrew.

    Andrew, my most vivid memory of you from my college days was when you cooked a delicious steak for us. it was so nice of you to serve us "starving students" like that. I came across an article on msn today that reminded me of you (and moved me to go to your blog, where i got moved to post something :P). Not sure if you've read it before, but here it is:

    so THANK YOU guys for your great testimony of faith and for being such an encouragement to us. we will keep praying for you guys!

    Anastasia (and Jeremy) Lum :)

  59. hi grace and andrew.

    stephanie evans here in nj. along with so many others, we are praying for your family and greatly encouraged by your faith.

    i played the flute in your wedding, along with meghan who played the violin. a slightly amusing story about that that you probably didn't know...about 10 minutes before we were to begin playing, my flute broke, completely unplayable. meghan lived just down the road from the church and had a flute. jenn and alan were getting ready at meg's place and brought the flute with them. i had all of 45 seconds to adjust to a different flute before it was time to play!

  60. Hello Grace and Andrew,
    I saw that Erik has left a few comments already. Andrew, you are in Eriks thoughts and prayers daily.

    He is doing well, Erik is back to work on a part time basis. He would like to be back to work full time soon, but he needs to take his time. He still gets tired quickly.

    I want you to know how much you both mean to our family. You have both been a blessing to us during Eriks illness. The times when you brought Erik Dr Pepper, they may seem like little gestures but it truly touched him. Thank you!

    Just as you encouraged us, we want to encourage you. We truly miss you at our Sunday school table. We are no longer sitting there, anymore as we have moved to Tims table. I guess were not considered "newbies " anymore.

    We love you and will continue to pray for Gods healing!