Listen to the segment about Andrew's death that was nationally broadcast on "Wretched Radio" here:

Listen to my brother-in-law/pastor's message preached the day after Andrew's death, called "Reflections on the Suffering and Death of a 27 Year Old Man"

Back before people listened to a million sermons at a time online, the Lord in His kindness provided the following sermons for us years before our trial, preparing us for what was to come. Before ipods, Piper sermons floated around our college Bible study. A friend copied a bunch for us onto CDs as we left UCLA to get married and move to Washington. During cancer, we listened to these Job sermons repeatedly and they helped us hugely through our suffering. If you are going through a trial (or even if you are not), you may find these helpful:

Job: Reverent in Suffering

Job: Wrestling with Suffering

Job: Rebuked in Suffering

Job: The Revelation of God in Suffering