Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for you for prayers, letters, emails, care packages, and gifts. We have been so busy that we have not been able to respond to hardly any of you, but please know that your care for us is so appreciated!

We are also curious who reads our blogs and thought it would be fun to find out. We'd love it if you could take a moment to leave a comment listing:

- your first/last name (or at least last initial)

- where you're from (city, state, and if different than U.S., country)

- either how you know us or who sent you our blog. Please be as specific as possible.

- a fun detail about yourself, us, a memory with one of us, or some random funny thing you want to say just to get us to laugh

If some of you are shy and only want to email us, take a chance and post anyway! So far, the comments left have been so fun to hear and left us in some much needed laughter. Laughter is the best medicine, so we want to hear from as many of you as possible. (But no pressure to be funny). There's been 100 hits to our website since we first posted this blog and only 4 comments so far. Let's try to get it to 100% =)



  1. Bo, Tawny, and Orion Aye

    We are in Mountain View, CA, originally from So Cal.

    Bo knows Andrew since the very beginning of freshman year at UCLA.

    Bo 2 Andrew - Remember when you me and that random old guy pushed a full size 18 cu.ft. refrigerator up 3 flights of very narrow stairs! What were we thinking?!

  2. Sharon V. Hong
    San Diego, CA

    I was Andrew's mentor when he was interning for Motorola.

    I had been following this blog since you guys got married (Andrew sent me the link a long time ago) and I had been following it from time to time since you guys were no longer in California. I had especially been following this blog closely last year when Andrew was first diagnosed, but visited less when it seemed like things were pretty much better. Imagine my shock when I took a look at this blog a few weeks ago and read about your current situation. I've said this before, but I really admire your strength and commitment to the fight throughout all of this. I know how hard it can be through my own experiences, so I know you must be putting all of your energy into this. I will continue to pray for you two and your family. Your sincerity and openness to share your life with is is very touching.

    ANYWAY--- Funny or interesting thing...OK, I saved this for last since it sounds like you need a good laugh. It's nothing about me, but it's a joke that one of the old-school engineers at work told me while passing me in the hall (Andrew, this is Tom Gazaway, so you can picture his style of telling jokes). Had it been anyone else, I might have found this offensive, but it was actually funnier because this engineer had no idea it was even remotely offensive...or maybe it's because he forgets that I'm Chinese. In any case, I don't get to hear Chinese jokes all that much, but this one was pretty good. So here it is:

    A man was walking down the street and noticed a sign reading: "Hans Schmidt's Chinese Laundry."

    Being of a curious nature, he entered and was greeted by an obviously Asian man who identified himself as Hans Schmidt.

    "How come you have a name like that?" inquired the stranger.

    The Asian man explained in very broken English that when he landed in America he was standing in the immigration line behind a German. When asked his name, the German replied, "Hans Schmidt."

    When the immigration official asked the Oriental his name, he replied, "SAM TING."


  3. Lauren (and Stephen, Zack and Leah Uriarte)Sunday, May 04, 2008 11:18:00 AM

    Stephen (Grace's brother) and I read your blog to catch all the updates, since we live so far away (Santa Clara, CA).

    I thought you might enjoy a funny thing Zack (4 yrs) said. He was in the bath, and I had just started pouring water to rinse the shampoo from his hair. He said "Stop Mommy, you are making me too spicy!" Well, he had the concept down that "hot" could apply to food and temperature, but did not know that "spicy" was not the same!

  4. Hello!

    I'm Kathy Brantley from Nederland, CO.

    My friends the Fabryckys sent me your blog. They know you from your church in NJ, I think. Or something like that.

    They sent me the link because I've had some strokes, and they thought our situations were somewhat similar. For a long time, the doctors couldn't tell me what had caused my strokes. The side effects sucked, though. I developed depression (common after a right-brained injury), and there were many times when I WISHED it were cancer. Now we've got a diagnosis, however; a PFO (patent foramen ovale), or hole in my heart, allowed a clot to pass through to my brain. It's fixed. I should be done with strokes! (I am, by the way, 26. This is all way too young to be dealing with this, as you can relate.) The side effects still SUCK, however. It's completely invisible -- I can walk again, for instance -- but the biggest problem I've got is that I have no energy. I used to be an avid skier, and somebody invited me to ski at Arapahoe Basin. "Sure!" I exclaimed. But they were leaving at 6:30 in the morning. I don't DO mornings. "Maybe another time," I apologized. It stinks to be such a wuss when it comes to energy, but it's the one thing I've learned to help me deal with this medical stuff.

    But enough about me! That probably didn't make you laugh! Hmm ... umm ... well, the Fabryckys came to visit us last week, and they knew we had a dog. John talked about it: "Dog? Dog!" he said. But when they arrived, it was a whole 'nother ball game. "Don't want!" John screamed. "Don't want! Up! Up! Mommy, up!" He thought that being on the floor made him vulnerable -- to a sniff -- and so it looked like a game of "hot lava". Did you ever play that in elementary school? It's where you can't walk on the ground because it's made of "lava".

    It was adorable. Chaco isn't a mean dog at all, so they weren't in any danger. They gradually warmed up, and when my husband got home, he got John to sit still with his head bent over so Chaco could lick it. It was such a change -- from certain death to a head cleansing. Kids are so cool!

    I wish you the best. You're in my prayers.

    -- Kathy

  5. Mark and Kim Suchta and daughter Alison

    We are so blessed you all have come to Redeember Bible Church! Andrew, I never told you this before but when you and Grace would visit the church last year before you moved here, we were in the process of adopting our little boy, Ben , from China. We were waiting and waiting to go get took about 5 months to go get him after we found out we could adopt him so it was a LONG and hard 5 months knowing our little boy was so far away and not in our arms. Anyway...I remember seeing you on your visits while we sat in Sunday School at RBC and often day dreamed he would look like you when he was grown up.

    Now just don't let anyone know I was daydreaming during Sunday School!

    We love you guys.


  6. Megan & Tom Brown
    Southern CA,
    Andrew & Judy Williamson asked us to keep your family in prayer. You also may know my sister & Brother-in-law: Gretchen & Alan Cheung from UCLA grace on campus


  7. Grace and Andrew, it is me Joy Chiu!

  8. morgan higgins (for sean, maggie, calvin and insidebaby too)

    marysville, wa

    we know you from GBC! :) except you know more about me than you should because you knew the ever wonderful gretchen before you knew me. anything weird about me is her fault.

    i don't think i have anything funny to share. well, this is kinda funny...

  9. Hi Grace and Andrew! I'm Hannah C. from Los Angeles. I go to Sovereign Grace Church in Pasadena and linked to your blog through which chronicles one of our church member's road to recovery from a tramatic brain injury almost a year ago. I also heard about it through Liz J. who is also from Sov Grace and went through her own bout of tongue cancer 2 years ago.

    I check your blog daily for updates and have kept you in my prayers. And even though we're cross town rivals 'Fight On!' This cancer did not happen without passing through God, He is sovereign through it all.

    Hmmm. Something funny. Well, a few years ago, I tried eHarmony, but only lasted 3 weeks because there was too much funny stuff to blog about ( and I wasn't getting enough sleep. Getting matched up with a Ford Pinto was the deal breaker, even though he was a promising Korean financial analyst reading The Purpose Driven Life.

  10. Hi Grace and Andrew, it's Belinda from GOC. I am praying for you guys and sharing your story and wonderful example of faith with my non-believing friends.

    As for memories...Grace, you drove me to Grace Church my very first time. You also passed on a good study tip to me: go for 20 mins and take a 5 min break to enhance memory. :) Andrew, I felt incredibly touched when you shared your testimony with me during a drive home from LA to Nor Cal my freshman year. I also remember your 424 Kelton cooking rotation with Ryan, Andrew Ho and JT.

    Take care and keep blogging, as it is very encouraging and used to reach more people than you may think.

  11. Hi!

    My name is Melissa Barber and I live with my husband Chad and our daughter Olivia in Encino, CA. I am a friend of Heather Hayes-Hitzeroth... she used to work in my office before she married Matt... anyway, I often peek at her links on HER blog and yours is up there.

    I try to check in to your blog weekly if I can cuz I am always praying for Andrew and your whole family as you continue on your journey with cancer. My husband is finishing his Ph.D. at UCLA in molecular biology (specifically CANCER biology) so hopefully someday he can help people who are struggling with the horrible disease.

    Something funny: My daughter is 20 months and today she looked at my 8 month pregnant belly and said " Mama, baby?" and I said "Yes, mama has a baby in her tummy." She lifted up her shirt and said "Olivia , no baby..". so cute....

    Our family blog is :

    God Bless you all...

  12. Bryanne Lee
    Huntington Beach, CA

    I was Grace's roommate the summer you got engaged. I got to hear the whole story of how you began dating and eventually got engaged.

    Knock knock:
    Who's there?
    Humphrey who?

    Hum three notes and I'll name that tune.
    Courtesy of:

  13. Hi Grace and Andrew!

    This is Nancy, a friend of your old neighbors in Snohomish. We enjoyed fellowshiping with you a few times at their house. My daughter was born the same time as AJ, so I always remember "comparing" babies! I don't really have any funny stories, but I did reflect on Gracie's amazing birth when my last son's labor and birth went on and on and on and on! I did not think that was funny at all!

  14. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    I'm Su H. in Mission Viejo, CA. I found out about your blog from my brother, Sung, I think he was friends with Andrew at UCLA (you two may have even been roommates at one point).

    I try to check your blog at least once a week and although I don't personally know you, your family is in my prayers and I even have my small group praying for you.

    I hope you know that your family shines as a bright light in this world and your love for God and your faith is not going unnoticed.

    I can't really think of anything funny about me right now, but people usually get a kick out of this:

    knock, knock
    who's there
    su who?
    Su Hu, that's me!

    Lame, I know, but hopefully it at least got a pity laugh.

    God bless your family and thanks for the encouraging words in your blog. Keep blogging and please let me know if there is anything you need.

    With much love,

  15. Hi Grace!!
    Trisha Belley, from Montreal, Canada.

    I linked to your blog through Heather Hitzeroth's blog sometime last year. I've been coming back to see how things are going and our family keeps you in our prayers. :0)

  16. Stuart H. from San Diego, CA

    I have been meaning to post some encouraging words in this blog for quite some time now and your request for feedback was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. Then I see that one of the four people who posted a comment is my wife (Sharon from San Diego, CA)!

    I met Andrew once about 5 or 6 years ago when he first started working for Motorola. We spoke a bit about tutoring (he was tutoring at the time) and it was pretty easy to see that Andrew was an earnest and sincere person. When Andrew got sick, we followed the “trials and tribulations” of your situation and our emotions rose and fell with each posting. As an aside, both of you are exceptionally gifted writers – able to convey your emotions and beliefs in an achingly honest way. So even though I really don’t know each of you – I feel like I do.

    I believe that a fundamental human fear is that our lives will be irrelevant. That we will not have made any real effect on someone, will not have been the catalyst for any meaningful change, or will not have made a difference. The condition of irrelevance is one that neither of you need worry about – and I admire you for it.

    It is clear that you have touched the lives of many and inspired most to take a look at the miracle of their own lives. It is almost impossible to sweat the small stuff and to act petty after reading your blog. You have reminded me countless time of what is IMPORTANT. I thank you deeply for that.

    I don’t have a funny story or joke to tell but I will speak on a subject that always makes me happy – sports! Don’t know if you are both still Bruins fans but I have sort of adopted UCLA as my college hoops team (I am originally from Chicago). The “one and done” era of college hoops took Kevin Love from Westwood but UCLA has the Number 2 ranked high school recruiting class coming in next year. The #1 ranked point guard in the country and reigning Mr. Basketball in CA – Jrue Holiday – heads a class that has 4 of the top 50 ranked players. So you have another great year of college hoops to look forward to! Knowing that your team is going to do well is always a reason to smile.

    Good luck and strength to both of you and your family.

  17. cynthia h in wichita, kansas

    we know grace from the ucla Bible study! andrew came after i left. we are praying for you, dear ones.

    i remember the first time grace was in one of our skits. wasn't it nerds in love? it was definitely a nerd skit. she stole the show with her long, long braids sticking up on top of her head and crazy unmatched clothes. were you the one named lurleen? all i know is that it was really fun to shout, "lurleen!" in my nerd voice. :)

    love to you guys!

  18. Hello Grace and Andrew!

    My name is Lisa Eldridge and I'm from Topeka, KS. I found your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend...kind of a rabbit trail really. When I first came across your blog, I was really drawn into your lives. I have never struggled with a serious illness, neither do I have any family members with such, but what I think made an impression on me was the fact that you are my age (give or take a year or two; I'm 28) and have dealt with all of this stuff, but through it all have remained faithful. I can't tell you how much your posts have touched me. There is so much I would really like to say to you but my time won't allow right now. But I'll leave you with a verse that I hope will encourage you, knowing that we are strangers and pilgrims and have something so much better to look forward to.

    "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;" 2 Corinthians 4:17.

    On a funny note, since you have children, you can probably relate to some of the hilarious things they say. Well, my son (Isaiah, age 5) has been listening to "The Pilgrim's Progress" dramatized version for awhile now. It is in the Elizabethan English. He has been listening to it so much that he has parts of it memorized. We also read from the King James Bible. The other day, my daughter (age 6) came up to me and said, "Mama, Isaiah killed a gnat in the bathroom!" Isaiah looked at her and said, "No Miriam (my daughter's name), I didn't kill it; I chastised it sorely!" :o) That made my day!

  19. Hey guys,

    It's Jeff E. I think I first met you guys at a GOC retreat in Palm Springs. It was 114 degrees on the day we left. Andrea has known you guys longer, obviously.

    I remember the time you guys were back in So Cal and we randomly had after-church lunch with you at Elephant Bar in Valencia. You guys had afternoon plans to visit a former GOC senior staff couple whose name escapes me at the moment, but you didn't have lunch plans and neither did we.

    I don't have many first hand funny stories, but I still find Grace's and Harrison's PB&J dance very amusing, made that much funnier by Nate R's look(s) of astonishment.

    This past Sunday the orchestra did "Like a River Glorious" and all I could think of was you guys. You're in our prayers.

  20. Daniel and Kelly Chan from Los Angeles, CA

    We know you guys from GOC at UCLA.

    I had what seemed like cases of AMP from Andrew's days of hawking that drink and survived many a night with their help.

  21. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    This is Randy and Tiffany (Yang) Chiu. I (Tiffany) met you guys at GOC years ago. We've heard updates about your family from our friends at Cornerstone Bible Church in Garden Grove, CA (where many GOC-ers heading back to OC go). We have been so encouraged by your faith and pray for you often. Thank you for being so open and sharing with us. Our lives have been blessed because of it.

    Praying for you,
    Randy and Tiffany

  22. Hi...its Georgia...

    I'm surprised not many GOCers have written comments b/c I know a lot of our old cronies read this. Anyhow, know where I'm from & how I know you but for the benefit of all the other readers I was Grace's roommate for a couple years at UCLA.

    I have very many funny memories of Grace, but for some reason I can't think of anything particular at the moment...but I'm envisioning some pictures from my photo album that bring back some memorable, but not particularly funny moments of our time at UCLA....such as when we had to run to sign our lease at 423 to make sure we got the apt...I'm not sure why we had to run, but I have a picture of Grace & Angel running. And then there's the giraffe costume for the kelton ave. electrical parade. various pictures of Grace dancing in the apt. and this last memory doesn't have a picture but for some reason it came to my mind just now...remember when angel was annoyed and went and slept in her car? That was kind of a funny sight, even though it was far from funny at the time.

  23. Kenny Chang

    Costa Mesa, CA

    I've known Andrew from freshman year of college too...

    Dude, I was there helping move that fridge up the narrow flight of stairs at Bo's apartment too! Thanks for leaving me out, Bo. I remember we had Heinekens with that old guy after the move. What a weird guy. I remember having random dinner parties with Andrew during college when we used to cook a bunch and go back and forth between apartments to eat. I also remember going to "work" with Andrew at football games and on Bruinwalk and just pass out AMP energy drinks. But one of the randomest nights of all - which nobody is proud of, I'm sure - is that one night in the laundry room at the Courtside dorms in Sunset Village. I remember Bo being in a laundry machine washer, some instances of cutting hair in the bathroom, broken pots, and someone's brilliant idea of trying to figure out how many quarters were in the laundry machine ... It was probably Jerry's.

  24. Oh... Kenny was there moving that fridge too (first post), hahah, I don't remember Kenny being there, sorry kenny.

  25. -Steven & Angie Lee
    -Fountain Valley, CA
    -know you guys from GOC @UCLA
    -Freshman year I used to visit 423 apt 101 often when Grace lived apt 201. I would hear thumping on the ceiling and found out that it was Grace upstairs dancing. Sophomore year I went to the study lounge during Finals week and the only reason I was able to stay awake to study was because Andrew left cases of Amp energy drink in the lounge for all of us.
    -we continue to pray for you guys.

    Take care,
    Steven & Angie

  26. Jonathan and Sonja Sarr from Marysville, Washington. Andrew and Grace were friends of ours at Grace Bible Church before The Move East.

    Know that there are a lot of people in Marysville that are praying for you guys. We love you and love the way God uses you to glorify Himself.

    There isn't anything funny about us; we're kind of boring people, I guess, but I do cherish one particular Sunday afternoon barbecue with you guys at our place where Andrew cut AJ's chicken into microscopic pieces from fear of his potentially not be able to handle the meat. It paid off; AJ didn't choke. Oh, and I remember coveting your gold van once you got it and were able to effortlessly toss the kids in the back while we wrestled violently with our Mazda.

    Peace and love from the Pacific Northwest!

  27. Hi Grace and Andrew :)

    I was alerted to your blog via Heather and Alicia's blogs... My husband Spencer and I (Melody) have been praying for you and check your blog often.

    I never formally met either of you, but I do remember seeing you both at Heather and Matt's wedding.
    Andrew, I remember needing to grab something from Casey & Alicia's apartment during the wedding and when I started climbing the stairs, you were standing at the top of them with a funny expression on your face. I was rather oblivious and continued up the stairs into the living room. There was little AJ in his play pen! He promptly started crying and then I realized what I had done and why you were standing so *quietly* and sneakily in the stairway! I felt so horrible for stirring things up just when you had gotten him to calm down for a nap :( You were very gracious towards my blunder, but all the same, sorry again!

    We have been so incredibly encouraged by your love for your Savior and your trust and reliance in Him. You are in our prayers often!

  28. Hi! from your old neighbors - Jason & Amy, Payton, Madelyn, Kendall, Ethan, Aidan, Isabella, Gwenna, and Jude Lewis. (Snohomish, WA)
    We check your blog daily. Sometimes twice a day if you havent posted for a bit. Sometimes complusively if you havent posted for a long bit. Sometimes we check it so often I worry that you can see that our email account has logged onto your site 38 times a day and think you have some weird email stocker out in rainy WA. You do, but only because we love you.
    Our funny 'Mark Family' story!.... I remember noticing Grace, Andrew and lil AJ (In the front pack) walking around town quite a bit. (No wonder she's so thin! grumbles Amy to self) One afternoon, I noticed "The walker" family walking past our open gate. Grace and Andrew looked in and we made eye contact through my open front door. They both slowed down. Andrew acted as if he wanted to turn in, but Grace turned on the jets, and hurried past the gate. Andrew, left eating her dust, continued after Grace. "Bizarre." thought I. Not a minute passed and 'they' were back again, coming from the opposite direction. This time Andrew had Grace by the elbow and with an encouraging look towards her, they entered our gate and our lives. Within a few short minutes we were realizing we had found a part of our family. We are brothers and sisters in the Lord! I am so thankful for Andrews boldness (and Graces' sweet submission!) I hold this memory close and cherish it.
    After they left, I ran to phone my husband, and saying a little something like... "I met some neighbors today, yeah, 'THE walkers', they are believers....the normal kind I think, they went to John MacArthurs church. He's okay, right? ...Good. Guess what? Were having them over for dinner!.... Their names ?.......well, uh.....hmmm. I know they told me.....but well, Oh no! I forgot!.
    I also remember watching "the iron man"(AKA Andrew) before we met. He would run, run, run around the block. Stop. Check pulse, look at watch. Count. Run, run, run. Repeat. "Wow, I thought, people actually do that?!" When I got cancer, I thought "must have been the cookies" But when Andrew got this terrible cancer I thought, "Not fair, he even JOGGED!"
    We love you and are standing with you in *earnest* prayer. ~Amy

  29. This is Christina Bleeker (for the Bleek house: Keith, me, Celeste, Josiah, Jack, and now, Cassidy)

    We know Grace and Andrew from GCC in Marysville, WA.

    Grace & Andrew~ you both are such an encouragement to our family! I get on your blog everyday to see how we can pray for you and to see how the Lord is answering our prayers. We continue to uplift your family in prayer daily to our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Something funny: I recently bought some yogurt for the kids. The kind with Diego and Dora on them. Celeste (6) asked what flavor yogurt I had given her and Josiah (4) quickly answered "I think it's Dora flavored".

  30. carolyn oh from nyc
    i was forwarded your blog back in march from our friend, grace jan. i've been following it ever since and have been so privileged to read about your life and pray for you. your faith and raw honesty have blessed me tremendously in the last couple months. though we've never met, i consider you siblings of mine in the same family. press on!

  31. i forgot to post a fun detail about myself. you've referenced him a few times in your blog, so i'll mention that i love john piper and went thru a period earlier this year where i listened to 1-3 sermons of his every day. eek!

    here's a silly little thing:

  32. Hi Grace,

    It's Diane (and Aaron) Park,

    We've been praying for you and finding ourselves more encouraged than anything by your Christ-centered lives.

    I knew Grace from GOC, she was my first small group leader - I thought it cool we had a senior (Grace), junior (Jenn), Sophmore (Heather) and Freshman (Me)- but everyone else thought "wow, the white small group" :) It was a great year. She always talked about "old school grace" things.

    Favorite memories, beside Andrew's cooking and Grace's dancing would have to be the time Grace was away for so long and I told her I would be going to Andrew's dinner for 8 and she asked for a photo of him - which turned out to be hard to get since he kept wanting to take the group photo himself. But in the end I got it and Grace was so happy.

    Funny might be when little Grace made a mess in our apartment :P I was so thankful Aaron had just bought a steam cleaner!

    We love your family :)

  33. Hi Grace and Andrew,

    It's melissa huang from GOC ucla. I posted a couple weeks ago saying i know you two b/c you were the first couple that drove me to GCC =). I still remember how Grace read scripture while Andrew drove to set our minds on things above! I thought it was really neat, and it's neat to see how God has continued to mature you both.

    I'm currently finishing up grad school at Cal, but i'll be moving back to orange county.

    Something funny my friend showed me...

    I'm praying for you both! =)

    -Love Melissa

  34. Jenni and Wayland Wong
    Anaheim, CA

    We heard about you from several GOC alum, but the only time I think I've met either of you was when Grace *I think it was you* interviewed me on campus once for the Daily Bruin :)

    We're greatly encouraged and blessed by your writing, and pray for you as the Lord brings you to mind (often), for your health, your precious family, and your continued trust in the Lord for both.

  35. I knew Grace first - you were my small group leader! It seems like our lives parallel each others in certain ways - difficult pregnancies, gluten problems, sunshine affecting our moods :). We were glad to live near you in WA even though we only saw each other a few times!

    Here's something funny - remember that year you came over for Easter (or was it Thanksgiving) to my parents house and you and my mom tap danced together? It was so fun to watch you guys :)

    And here's a really random one that you might not remember but whenever I think back on it I get kind of embarrassed -- when we took that small group hike on the M.A.S.H trail and you were like, "So can you guys think of things that would remind you of an aspect of Christianity just by looking at nature?" and I was like, "Well, there's that horse poop and that's like our sin -- it's ugly, smelly, and awful but God can use it for good -- it fertilizes the ground and in ways, sin can fertilize our lives."

    Lol ;)

  36. Ryan & Jolie Hall who live in Everett, WA. We know the Marks from GBC in Marysville, WA. We really didn't know you guys that well, but I do remember when Andrew came by my work in Federal Way and said hello. I thought that was awesome. Here is a funny joke I love.

    What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear :)

    We have been praying for you and your family. Keep pressing on for His honor and glory. Your blog is so encouraging to us.

    In Christ,
    The Hall Family

  37. Derrick and Paika

    Hey Andrew and Grace,

    Andrew and I go way back to the RCCC days. I remember all those sleepovers we used to have at your house. And strangely enough, I remember you always playing this Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song in your dad's office.

    Andrew, even though we haven't spoken in awhile, know that you and your family are in our prayers daily. God bless.

  38. Hi Grace!

    Joyce and I are praying for you and Andrew!


  39. Dear Andrew & Grace,

    You don't know me but our dear friends the Lights recently stayed with us when they received the news of your cancer returning. Two verses that have been a mainstay in a variety of troubled times are; Psalms 16:5 "Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure" and 1 Timothy 6:15 " the blessed controller of all things, the king over all kings and the master of all masters." These two have reminded me when things seem the most bleak it all has a purpose and a "Sovereign Controller" to make sure it turns out for His glory and my best. Easier said than believed sometimes. But I've found in the most of desperate times it really does make the nost sense. I pray it does for you. I will take your situation before the Lord for you as I remember several other couples who are experiencing different but equally difficult times.
    Through His love & Grace,
    Donna Shannon

  40. Hey Marks,
    I emailed Andrew yesterday to say that I have no funny stories, and was feeling like I may be the only friend in this situation, but apparently you have quite a few "you're so serious" people as friends.
    The Weinbergs know the Marks from GBC in Marysville and we have been connected lately by medically related blogs.
    I do remember when Andrew came back from an early bout with cancer at GBC and everyone in the choir was in tears, as he and Grace sat very close to the front and to watch their joy was simply God glorifying.
    The trials in our lives really bring us close to each other, and more importantly they drive us to our knees in dependent thanks to our Heavenly Father.
    As was stated in someone else's post, "you are a light in a dark world" and you are having a giant impact on the lives and faith of others all over the world. You are missionaries, evangelists, and a huge encouragement from either the hospital or your home. This may be the only way that anyone ever uses "huge" and the Marks in the same sentence. Hey, that could be construed as funny.
    God is using this time in your lives to glorify Himself. Thanks for being sweet vessels for the King's use.
    Looking to Christ, the Author and the Perfecter of our faith,
    The Weinbergs

  41. Hi Andrew and Grace! Our names are John and Kim Dandurand and we go to GCC in Sun Valley. We have 9-month-old twins, named Dash and Euan (they are SUPER cute!). My husband went to Crossroads, but I don't think you knew each other. I've been trying to think of something funny, but for some reason I'm drawing a blank...sorry. We follow your blog regularly and pray for your family often. I was particularly convicted by Andrew's post "It's not fair." It reminded me to be more grateful for the things God has done in my life. Thank you for being so open and honest on your blog. You are a great example to all of us and are bringing glory to God through your trial.

  42. Andrew and Grace, I knew that you guys were going through some heavy trials, but I didn't follow the blog. When I was waiting in hospital for Grant Weinberg, I heard of Andrew's surgery and I have been following you guys since. I'm about to graduate from the Master's college, here in SoCal, but will be back at Grace Bible church for the summer.

    Thank you for your humility in honestly sharing. It has done much to wake me up to the struggle that I am in on a daily basis. Keep fighting with faith. We will keep praying.

  43. Sung (Mike) Hu

    Right now, I'm living in Queens, NY but I'll be living in Staten Island, NY; then Westchester, NY; then Washington, DC...all in the next 3 months!

    I met Andrew my first year at UCLA and was roommates with him during 2nd year.

    When I first met Andrew, I didn't know he was Asian. For some reason, I thought he was some mix of different races, but not Asian. I remember thinking, this guy is really into the Asian thing for not being Asian! Another funny thing I remember about Andrew is how we would study in our room the day before an exam. He would go lay on his bed and say "Hey Sung, I'm just going to study on my bed for a little bit". Andrew would be out cold in under 5 min. But he always ended up doing well in least a lot better than I did and he was studying Electrical Engineering (or some other engineering), one of the hardest majors at UCLA. After that year, I knew Andrew was a smart guy. I also remember doing a bunch of stupid things with Andrew during our first year, but even during those times, Andrew was always the good guy. He was always the one to say "Hey I don't think we should do that" or "Let's just have fun and not cause trouble". Anyways, I ended up meeting a lot of people at UCLA and I can honestly say that Andrew is one of, if not the best, good-hearted, all around nice guys I met there. Take care buddy!

  44. Hi Guys! This is Angie (Velasquez) & Dan Thornton. I was Grace's first small group leader at GOC. Favorite funny memories with/about you include:
    1. Thinking of you when I go to the bathroom b/c your maiden name, mispronounced, sounds like the technical term for going pee! :D
    2. Creating my own versions of your dad's famous line, "There is a time to eat and a time to sing. Now is the time to sing!"
    3. Laughing at the fact that when you met my husband (who is quite clean), one of the things you told him you remembered about me was that I said I didn't understand one missionary's trials with being dirty on the mission field b/c I, for one, love to be dirty! My poor husband! But, I've got to tell you, it's come in handy here, that's for sure! :D
    We have such fond memories of our brief time together in your little town in the middle of nowhere, WA. And, just remember, next time someone in the mall is trying to get you to give them $1 for a pink ribbon for breast cancer, just tell them what my Dan, whose had thyroid cancer, said: "No thanks, I've had cancer!" Love you!

  45. Andrew and Judy W.

    Funny memory of Grace:
    "I met this guy and I like him" and pretty soon they're engaged. :)
    Studying Ruth on my couch. I thought I wasn't a romantic...:)
    Painting your nails when you had that new rock on your finger. :)
    Gracie's birth story...
    Love you and praying for you.

  46. Elaine Meehan, in Hillsborough, NJ.

    I'm friends with Andrew's parents and Jen through church. We attended your wedding, though you probably didn't know who we were since we were friends of your parents. Your story of how you met and dated and those emails back and forth while apart, they were all so sweet and touching! I loved reading it all and seeing how God brought the 2 of you together. I'm praying for you, as are many in our church. I check your blog regularly, and I'm amazed at how you both are handling everything through God's strength. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts through this blog.

  47. On the topic of those Amp drinks... Andrew brought me TWO CASES of those drinks the first time we met up, a week before his internship started. At first I thought he was sucking up to me because I was going to be his mentor at work, but I later realized that his job was to hand those drinks out to TOTAL STRANGERS, and didn't feel so special anymore... =(

    I didn't sleep for two months thanks to those stupid drinks. You can't not drink them when they're there with those enticing neon green and black cans. Since then, I've kicked the habit and have been Amp-free for almost six years {applause}! I'm NEVER drinking that stuff again...

    well, perhaps never is a little extreme...

  48. Hi Grace & Andrew, Liz J from Pasadena here. Same particulars as Hannah from LA above. :-)

    I've been following your blog closely since I first read of it on the site (happened to be your 1st day of recent surgeries), and you've frequently been in my prayers.

    I can relate in a small way, since I had a milder form of tongue cancer 2 years ago (just passed my 2 year anniversary on Sunday - so I'm now considered cured, thank the Lord!).

    I love how you guys write, your honesty & openness, and all the details (LOVE the details! ;-) - it's helped me understand better some of my own experiences. Thanks SO MUCH for being willing to share your lives like this. It's such a testimony to God's grace, and such an encouragement to others.

    I'm so glad I have the chance to support you & your family in prayer, and to try to help 'share the load' as it were. And I'm SO glad to read of your local church family, and what a blessing they've been to you!

    Ok, the following isn't funny, but it IS absolutely amazing! And you can find funny stuff posted elsewhere on this blog (they have regular "Friday funnies"):

    May God pour out His peace that passes understanding on your hearts & minds...

  49. Janet Hehe for Don, Josh & Misty
    We live in Arlington,Washington and know the Marks from Grace Bible Church in Marysville.

    Grace, I remember first meeting you when we roomed together with Morgan Higgins at Women's retreat at The Firs. You and Andrew were newlyweds & had been in WA just a short time. Remember our talk during free time where you shared you life story and with me? :)
    I treasure that memory! Misty and Josh both have special memories of taking care of AJ and Grace in the nursery. Don and I have been praying for you often. I check the blog regularly for updates and share them with our family.

    In March I had surgery and during my recuperation was often prompted to pray for you, Andrew. One night I was awakened and felt compelled to pray... it turned out to be during your multiple surgeries, though I did not know it at the time ...Isn'tGod faithful to prompt us to pray when the need is greatest? He is amazing!

    We are inspired by your testimony and trust in the Lord through this difficult time. We continue to pray for you and learn from you as we read the blog. Thank you for your honesty and letting the Lord work through you.

  50. Sonia (Dang) Kostura, OC, California

    Hi Grace and Andrew!

    I know Grace from GOC and I found out about your blog through various GOC alum (Michelle Mah Yang, Jane Park Kim). My soul has been greatly stirred and encouraged as I read how the Lord is sustaining and growing your faith -- refining it and making it unshakable -- through this fiery trial. Know that along with people across the world, our family is praying for you guys.

    Hmmm -- as for a funny memory... the only one that comes to mind is driving back to the dorms after church with you and Joy Chiu in the back of my car. You guys were singing 'And Can It Be...". All of a sudden and with a quizzical expression, Joy turns to you and says, "What does 'should sty' mean anyways?". You went on to try to explain to her that it's "that Thou my God SHOULDST DIE for me", like, in old English. I don't think Joy quite got it! :P

    And to share (what I think is) a funny video...This clip of our daughter was taken about a year ago, shortly after we brought her home from Vietnam:

    Hope you enjoy!

  51. Dave & Andrea Felcyn, Racine, WI

    Andrew and Grace,

    We have never met, yet we feel that we know you! I can't even remember how we came across your blog. Our family has been CONTINUALLY uplifting yours in prayer. Your blog is a wonderful testimony to our great God and to the peace that comes from resting in His sovereignty. We just wanted you to know that we are a couple of your readers!

  52. - Charles & Anita Austin

    - We lived in Lake Stevens near Grace Church in Marysville and we now live in NM.

    - We know you thru the Ladies Bible Study at Grace called WOW and Martha Dorcas where Anita attended both. She helped you learn how to quilt your first quilt for your first baby.

    - I can't say as we have a fun story to say of our connection but we did give you hope as Charles had Tongue Cancer in 2001 and where you thought you had a death sentance we were able to let you know this is a rough road but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Andrew called us for more details and we referred you to our wonderful doctor at Swedish in Seattle.
    Where we still do not laugh over what we went thru we are thru it and alive and we are grateful.
    Oh but I do have a funny story about Charles while in the hospital. I hope you will get a giggle out of it.
    He heard if he could get up and walk the halls of the hospital he could get stronger and go home a bit sooner. So he was out of that bed and hooked up to all the gagets including his pain meds he would not use, cathitor, blood pressure, IV etc..on his pole and his gown flapping he was off down the hall like a hurd of turtles.
    After a few laps around the long corridor he collapsed in his bed exhausted. So I (Anita) edged over to his pole of all his hook ups and gave the pain meds a few squeezes. He was out and sleeping like a baby in no time as I knew he needed it after all of that. Next time he took it much slower knowing how tiring it would be.
    Another cute story was our grandson of 5 came to visit his grandpa with his daddy our son. Grandpa was sitting in the chair (good thing) as Jacob got in the bed and had all the buttons going for the nurse, the head up and head down, feet up feet down then both feet and head up and foot get it. He had fun in grandpa's bed. He wanted one at his house for himself as it was so much fun. And he wanted the TV in his room too. Kids......
    Ok I hope you got a small smile not ever meeting Charlie. I will email you a photo of him after his surgery so you will have a face to go with a name.
    Blessings to you both we are praying for you and have our friends praying too. After all they did a good job for Charlie and I know they are doing a good job for you. Charlie & Anita of NM

  53. Hey Andrew and Grace, this is Ben and Frances Wu.

    Andrew, I remember I once came over to your apt, when you and Andy Kwong were sharing a room. You were telling me how it's important to start the school week off right by getting enough sleep Sunday night so that you'd feel well rested, which would carry over to the whole week. You had such diligence for a college student; it was very admirable.

    I guess a funny thing I remember is that at many GOC events, I remember drinking a lot of AMP energy drink, compliments of Andrew! (where did those come from, anyway?)

    Keep on fighting, brother.

    -Ben and Frances

  54. Connie Abbott, Marysville, WA
    Hi, Grace and Andrew! I've been praying for you.
    I don't have any funnies, but I remember Katie going over to your house and she'd type up journals and babysit, and come back with some great conversational encouragements that she'd had with Grace. We loved getting to know you, all four of you. Will continue to pray and keep tabs on you! Love you all!

  55. Grace and Andrew,
    We've missed you since the day you left us at GOC. We think and pray for you often. Know that you are loved and prayed for even from thousands of miles away.
    Hugs to you both!
    Justin and Juli McKitterick, SFV,CA

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  57. Hi Andrew and Grace,

    I knew you both from Grace on Campus at UCLA.

    Matt Tweedie has actually been keeping me posted on how we could be praying for you. I have been following your blog after hearing about the reoccurance of the cancer... and just wanted to thank you both for sharing your lives and allowing, really the world, have a glimpse of how God is working through it. I've been praying for your family and have been incredibly encouraged by your thoughts, words and actions in light of the curve balls being pitched at you.

    Christina Chiu

  58. Hi Grace & Andrew,

    This is Matt & Angel from GOC (Los Angeles). We love you guys and miss you much. You are frequently on our hearts and in our prayers. You have been an incredible example for us of what it means to walk with God through very hard trials, to trust Him, and to glorify Him every step along the way. We hope that we will be able to respond in such a godly manner when our day of trial comes-whether it be soon or far off.

    I know that God's Word always hold true. Including this one: Rom 8:18 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Therefore when I think of the weight of suffering that the two of you, beloved of God, endure, I am in awe. What unfathomable glory must God have prepared for you? Though the path is painful, the end is sure. What can separate us from the love of God?

    May the God of all comfort be near to you.

  59. Ben & Shaina Englund
    Seattle, WA
    We know the Marks from GOC.

    The best memory we have of the Mark family is when they were moving from Seattle to Minnesota. We were helping them move and they had their house staged to sell. Having purchased a few choice furniture items to make the home look warm and inviting, they moved most of their day-to-day items down into their two car garage. Consequently, their family size kitchen table and chairs were down in the garage while the cheaper but elegant looking table was in the house.

    Every night the family would sit around their kitchen table in the garage and have dinner. They didn’t want to sit in a dark atmosphere so they would open both garage doors and the four of them would enjoy a dinner together in the middle of the large piles of boxes. Andrew commented that the neighbors must think they’re crazy. Our only comment was that you are crazy and we love you for it.

    You’re in our prayers constantly.

  60. Andrew and Grace!

    We know you from GBC in Marysville, WA.

    I had the privilege to meet your special precious family by taking Grace, AJ and baby Gracie to WOW shortly after Gracie was born!

    Your blog is a huge encouragement blazing in God's Glory, Mercy, Grace, Strength, Comfort, Love.

    Praying for your precious family!
    The Paslays
    Brian, Gail, Jenna, Keri and Kyle

  61. hi you two, bethany here! you know how i would answer most of the questions already, but I'll share a few memories from college. I remember baking brownies at grace's apartment my frosh year. the guy i was dating was supposed to show too, but didn't so grace and I hung out while everything was baking. I sat at the table mostly while grace danced around the apartment talking about "everything and everything" :) I also remember grace's "pbj time skit" and the rest of the crazy skit team adventures she participated in - you're such a ham! love you all.

  62. representin'jerzee (nj) haahaa the zepedas!!! prayin for you guys!!!

  63. Denise DeFalco
    Calvary Baptist Church
    E.Millstone, NJ

    I prepare the prayer sheets for our weekly prayer meeting at CBC. (Your brother-in-law, Bob was our pastor before moving to MN) We've been praying faithfully for you! I check your blog for updates, but I also read them at length b/c I'm always touched and amazed by what our awesome God is doing in the lives of His people and for His kingdom. Please know our love and prayers are with you.

  64. Hi there!

    Kelly and Daniel Chan

    Los Angeles, CA

    We know you guys from UCLA, Grace on Campus. We have been reading your blog because Georgia and Elijah were updating us on Andrew's status a couple of years ago, and then we started to read the blog for ourselves.

    A memory-- when I was a sophomore or freshman and didn't have a car, I desperately needed a ride to the airport. It was a really busy, heavy-traffic time, and Andrew drove me. Maybe I posted on Gracevine or something... Anyway, I really appreciated that and was surprised at how he went out of his way to serve someone he didn't know well. (Sorry if that memory didn't make you guys laugh!).

  65. Will and Melia Thomas
    New Bern, NC
    We were at Grace Community Church for 4 years
    while in seminary at Master's. Will was an intern for
    Rick at Crossroads. Will was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma in April 2007. Alan and Gretchen sent us your blog for our encouragement. We are well acquainted with chemo, radiation and the side effects. Will is now in remission (since September). Thank you for being so transparent with your lives and the struggles you face. We will pray for your continued trust in the Lord's sovereign, good hand.

  66. Tim Jin
    Los Angeles, CA

    I met you guys at UCLA GOC of course. The memorable moment that I wanted to share is with the both of you. Andrew had invited me over to his apt. in 424 Kelton for some dinner, and he made something pretty special though I don't remember what it was. I know it had to be pretty good because he also invited Grace and her roommate over for dinner... which I think was the first time you guys(Andrew and Grace) kind of hung out. Later I realized that maybe Andrew just had me over to play wingman so it wouldn't be too awkward of a getting-to-know-you with Grace (and roommate). I'm glad that dinner served you well!

    Praying for you guys and very encouraged in your trust in our Lord.

  67. I guess I'm one of those 100 since I've visited your blog a few times. I think I first came across it via Andrea E's blog. I never met you or Andrew, but I recognize your faces since we were in Crossroads at the same time. I think I specifically remember you from the volleyball tournaments. Your blog is encouraging to read and brings glory to God. I will keep your family in my prayers!

  68. Andrew,
    In the midst of devastating cancer your hope in and reliance on Christ is astounding, I praised God with VIGOR! on the way home from meeting with you today! What a Blessing! And since you are a Spurgeon fan like me I’ll leave you with a quick poem from the prince of preachers.
    “Oh! how sweet to view the flowing,
    Of my Saviour’s precious blood;
    With divine assurance knowing,
    He has made my peace with God.”

    Erik Carlson

  69. Tara Vaught (, September 20, 2009 7:11:00 PM

    Tara Vaught - grew up and still live in Charleston, WV.

    I myself went through a rough ordeal with my husband - not nearly as bad as yours, but it's coming up on the one year anniversary since my husband's brain surgery and I was at the hair dresser's talking about it and she told me about your blog.

    You can read my blog at

    I mostly relate to you, Grace, as you struggled by your husbands side through his recovery. I did as well and it takes a lot of praying and strength for one to endure a loved one be in pain but nearly as much to see your other half and soulmate struggle through it.

    <3 Prayers, Tara