Monday, May 19, 2008

Please Pray for My Sister


On Saturday night in the late evening I went to my sister's, because my cousin, Amanda, was visiting from Wisconsin. The next morning at church I found out that right after I left, my sister's water broke. She is 25 weeks pregnant. She has 15 weeks until she is full-term.

Gayle is in the hospital right now in Minneapolis. Both she and baby are stable and she and her family are in good spirits. This will be their fourth child and the one everyone has been praying for for the past seven years. Gayle has always gone early with her children, but not this early. She was at very high risk for this happening but they said they would monitor her to prevent this from happening. The last time they had checked her, she had looked fine.

Right now they have her on anti-labor drugs, and they don't want her to deliver at least until 28 weeks. So Gayle could go into labor anytime between now or who knows how long. Either way the baby has to stay in the hospital until 34 weeks, nine weeks from now. Please pray that Gayle and the baby would continue to be healthy.

As you can imagine, I was really worried about my sister when I first heard about this. But I was able to go with her family to see her after church. Even though they were telling me she was fine and doing well, I knew I wouldn't believe it until I saw her myself. But she was smiling and sweet and happy. She said today that she's not even bored. She enjoyed sleeping in, has always loved hospital food and their big breakfasts, and when people aren't visiting, she gets to read.

She will be taken off the anti-labor drugs at 4:00 am Wednesday; pray that she won’t go into labor.


  1. Praying for Gayle and that little baby!

  2. Everyone at Calvary in NJ is praying for Gayle as well as Andrew and you everyday. Cheryl Frueh

  3. Todd & Lisa DennisonTuesday, May 20, 2008 3:08:00 PM

    Grace and Andrew,

    Have been listening to R.W. Glenn sermons faithfully for the last few years and have heard more recently in his sermons about your family's trial. Moved to tears by your May 14th entry. We will be praying for strength, and insight into God's glorious plan for you all. His grace is sufficient. We feel such a bond in Christ with you and the suffering that you you suffer we go through with you. May our Great GOD be glorified in it all!

    I hope you find this as an encouragement...there was a young man at our church whose story seems to parallel yours. His name, Ethan Chon. By God's sovereign will he recently went to be with the Lord and leaves behind a wife and 3 children. Jesus have mercy... But the impact of their Christian suffering and how they endured through their battle with cancer for the past few years has encouraged so many. Who can understand His ways? But He is all-wise and loving and perfect in righteousness and truth. What glories we will see when we are with Him! This life is NOT all there is, no matter how many times our hearts and minds deceive us. If you ever have a chance, perhaps you would find encouragement through their blog - how Ethan found out more about himself and how Christ was magnified more and more.

    Perhaps you can get in touch with Anne at some point for more encouragement. Anyway, know that we are praying for healing for Andrew as we did for Ethan. And praying for experiences of extra measures of mercy and grace each day. We are also praying for your Gayle and family. We love you all and you are often in our thoughts as all Redeemer up there. What a tremendous thing God is doing!

    Love in Christ,
    --Todd and Lisa Dennison

  4. We are praying with you in California!

  5. Hi. You don't know me, but I wanted to let you know that your blog is an orchard of faith-building fruit. We are going through James 1:2-4 this Sunday in church, and for you to live that passage in Scripture the way you do is extraordinary! What a display of God's grace and sufficiency. My wife and I are praying for you.