Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thanks for your responses

Grace and I had a blast reading your comments. Thanks for taking part in our blog. We'll have to keep doing this. Sometimes if feels like I write blogs and I'm speaking into outer space. I'd love to hear what you all are learning and feeling in your own lives as well.

It seems like most of the 40 comments so far are from California and Washington. We did grow up in NJ. Perhaps people there don't read blogs on from Saturday to Tuesday.... =)

KEEP posting comments to the blog below. We want to hear from you all. Can we shoot for 150-200 comments??

I can't respond to all the comments, but I wanted to randomly say a few things in response. I will write more as I have time.,..

Bo, Tawny and Kenny - Yes, that big refrigerator. I think I pulled something in my chest that day and I was inexcrutiating pain when I breathed for a few days. Its funny that we both forgot Kenny there, but we remember the weird old man who lived in Africa and roamed the world. Of course, all Kenny remembers is having an ice cold Heineken after working so hard as our cheerleader! =)

Sharon and Stu - I miss you and everybody else at Motorola. I don't think there is a more fun place to work than there. I have tons of memories with Motorola from California, to Seattle, even some here in Minnesota. Thanks for the encouraging words about my life not being irrelevant. I'm so glad to hear that you guys are learning with me!

Jason and Amy Lewis - Its funny how you used to watch us because we used to watch you guys from the window in our apartment across the street. I used to see 5, 6, 7, or 8 kids out playing on the side of your house. I would keep telling Grace, "I want to know those people." They always look so happy. Since we had just moved to Washington we didn't have many friends yet, especially in the tiny farm town of Snohomish so we would take lots of walks around the area and see the beatiful victorian homes. The way you described our entrance into each other's lives was pretty accurate. I stopped in front of your gate and motioned to open it, Grace, being shy that day, kept walking. I grabbed her hand, said we're going to meet them now, and dragged her through the gate. And that day changed our lives. We're so glad to know you guys. We don't spend much time together, but when we do its so rich. I still very clearly remember the day after my first diagnosis when Jason didn't even call first but came over and gave me a huge hug and let me cry on his shoulder. I will cherish that memory for the rest of my life. Love you guys.

Derrick and Paika - Grace and I were just thinking of you and how you sent me that old picture last year of you, Kiley and I dressed alike and posing like models. I think you might be the person who has known me the longest of all the people who posted thus far. I met you I think just before 5th grade which was a few years after moving to NJ. We've drifted in and out of touch since we began high school, but you've seen me change through the years. I'm glad you are still in my life, even from a distance.


  1. Dear Grace, Susi Zimmer is our piano teacher and just told us about your blog. We used to go to Grace from 1989 to 2002. We are looking forward to getting to know you both better and praying for you. My husband was diagnosed with cancer too this last Christmas. I am encouraged so far by you in the little I have been able to read. We have a blog called thesmithfamilyisingodshands.blogspot.com. I know you are getting a lot of comments lately, but I just wanted you to know that you have one more person praying for you. Love and many prayers, Lauren

  2. Dear Andrew and Grace,
    You are being prayed for in Guantanamo Bay,Cuba too.Every morning as I sit down with my bible you guys are first in my thoughts.Grace,I can't imagine being you either.I can't imagine going through what you are dealing with and it makes me pray all the harder for you both.Did you know we finally got our next china doll?Naomi came home with us July last year and she is so much fun.Very funny,very cute and very happy and she even likes people alot unlike her sister!!!Actually Sarah is now very social .Please keep up all the blogs.Marion Turner and crew

  3. Luke Zheng ( back in Los Angeles)
    I went to school with Andrew at UCLA.

    Andrew I still remember the first time i met you in that turn around with Rex and everyone else and like sung I thought you were mixed or like jason and just into the asian scene. I am sure the last name didnt help.

    Remember when you used to hand out those energy drinks at UCLA??? I think pretty much everyone I knew had a few cases at home.

  4. Luke
    Back in LA
    I will always remember the cases of AMP that Andrew was giving to everyone and anyone. Are they still even in business?

    I always remember thinking if Andrew was adpoted or just mixed and then finally wondering how the heck they came up with "Mark" from any chinese last name...

    Take care buddy,


  5. Andrew and Grace,

    This is Zimin Chai from NJ. I heard about the website last year from Andrew's parents, who are in the same small group. I have been visiting the site regularly. I love to read the vivid and humorous description of events in your life. Your blog has been a clear illustration of how knowing God makes a huge difference in our life! At dinner table, our family talk about your experience and attitude in this trial. You guys are in our prayers...

  6. Andrew and Grace,

    The Luses have many special memories of your family! We miss being able to see you!
    One of my funny memories was when we weren't even around! You two were house sitting for us and you needed to feed the chickens. When we got home we heard stories of Grace running around with a big stick, fending off an attacking rooster!I think Andrew fed the chickens after that! Or did it take both of you?! I know that can be scary, I have been there myself, but hopefully you can laugh now!I suppose you won't be purchasing chickens any time soon!

    We love you and are always praying for you two, AJ and Gracie!

    The Luses; Scott, Rhonda, Brad, Jesse, Malory, Ashly, Emmali, and Annie

  7. From Louisville, KY:
    Dear Andrew and Grace, AJ and Gracie,

    Our whole family's faith has been strengthened by your faith through this incredible trial. We have learned much about suffering and God's grace through the most horrendous events in our lives. During our family worship each of the girls have taken turns praying for you all and that has also helped them see the power of prayer and the point of prayer. The physical side of the trial has made Audrea and I so thankful for our current state of grace and realize that God is sovereign in all he does. Finally, I have received comments on my own blog concerning how this has strengthened the faith in our small circle of friends.

    We will continue to pray for wisdom and endurance through the journey.

  8. Hi Andrew and Grace
    I am a Motorolan in Schaumburg and saw a flyer in my mail box about your family. I usually throw such things away, "you know how you treat those credit card junk mails that come to your mailbox at home :)" but for some reason i read it all. I immediately came to your site to find out more, and i have been greatly encouraged with how much faith i see in your words, i am a Christian and i have never been through as much as you have in this journey but i know my redeemer live and he says in his word that "Since i was young and now i am old, i have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor thier seed beg bread (Psalm 37:25)" and i know that though we dont deserve it but we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 3.22).
    I know God has you in his hands and he is more than able to take care of you and your family, he is able to give you strength and give you peace that it would all be ok. I give thanks to God on your behalf because no matter how painful everyday living is, you have joy that comes from Christ. I would be praying for you and your family.
    I have seen God work and come through and i would stand with your family and continue to have Faith with you. We would move mountains with faith and i know we will. God who did it in the time of Job would come through for you more than you could ever think or imagine.
    God bless you, my regards to your family.

  9. Dear Andrew and Grace:
    Just like to add a comment from NJ : ) We've been following your courageous journey through your Blog. Pray that all our email exchanges will lead to your successful healing.
    It's raining today, and NJ weather is still kind of cold for Spring. So, wishing you a great week-end and a joyful celebration for Mother's Day!!and a hug from us to your Mom-not sure if she's still at your place...
    Blessings, Gloria

  10. Dear Grace and Andrew,
    I first met Grace when I went to West Point for my first date with my now husband Tony. I think Gayle was still at Rutgers at the time. Gracie was still in junior high with a mouth full of braces. For the next two years when I would visit Tony, I would stay with you all in New Milford. I can still see the bedroom Grace and Gayle shared and little Grace coming and going always to a dance related event. I have never gotten to meet in person the infamous Bob since I had to miss Tony's West Point graduation. Mom and Dad (Mael and Auntie Bing to you) always kept Tony and I updated on your lives wherever the Army sent us. Lots of love and wonderful memories. Next on our to-do list is to get out to Minnesota and meet this Andrew character we keep reading about! We live in Indiana now. I write a humorous mom's blog for the local paper and teach an ESL class over at Purdue. We have twin four year old girls, Kai and Brynn, so our lives are now filled with lots of dancing and twirling and laughing and giggling.

  11. Dear Andrew and Grace--My name is Val, and my husband and I live in NJ w/ our 4 children. We are friends of Bob and Gayle's. I wanted to tell you that I do lift you to the Father often! I read your blog word for word, and I am then glad to know how to specifically pray for you each day. Even on your hardest days, your love for Jesus SHINES, and through the most heart breaking trials, you so obviously trust Him and know that He is good, and that He will provide for your every need--and that His goodness endures forever...praise the Lord for all the precious moments of utter dependence on Him that you are experiencing...most definitely hard, and most definitely blessed. Bittersweet and poignant. Your testimony has touched so many! Please continue to share Jesus the way you have been doing, here online..Lives are being changed, and hearts turned towards Him! I have had many serious health challenges in the past few years myself, and I have experienced the lows and the highs..Even now I am awaiting definitive test results--I am praying to be filled with that same grace,as I need it, and to be taken from strength to strength, by our Heavenly Father.. the peace that passes all undersanding is something to share with all those around us, in hopes that we can be instruments used for His glory. God bless you and keep you, dear Andrew, Grace, and children. We are praying, and will continue to do so! In His grip--Val Slininger (and Craig, Chris, Nick, Kate and Mike)