Monday, June 23, 2008

The Aftermath

Andrew finished his last radiation last Thursday, and we are so grateful. They always say, though, that he's supposed to get worse until two weeks after the treatments end, which seems to be the case.

Please pray for Andrew as he is feeling terribly exhausted and has often felt nauseated. On Friday, he threw up his hospital formula.

Andrew always used to nap in the car on the way home from radiation and continue his nap in our backyard, so he could still get fresh air, whether he would have the strength to bike ride or walk later in the day or not. So today since Andrew was feeling so exhausted, instead of walking, I drove us all to the park, and Andrew took a nap on some grass in the shade, while the kids played in the lake and the playground. Now we are all going to my sister's so that while the kids nap there, Andrew can nap somewhere different or watch a movie there. Gotta go!


  1. I was carsick the other day on a roadtrip down a bumpy road in Senegal, looking forward to getting to our destination. Then I remembered you guys and Andrew's constant battle with nausea, and I instantly began praying for you instead of thinking about myself. You'll be in our prayers! May the days ahead bring you much relief and good rest, Andrew (and you, too, Gracie!)

  2. I hope Andrew feels better. I think we can begin to rejoice in his Healing. With that being said, we will continvue to do so. That is great though taht the radiation is now done. In that we can be glad, in addition praise God for this.

    Roxanne and I will keep the both of you in our prayers.


  3. I am always so up lifted by reading your journal. You two are really a blessing to all who knows you. Andrew, we only met about 3 times and Grace, we never met, but seems I already know so much about you. I told your in-laws that you two are so matured in your faith that made me so ashame and humble.
    I have wanted to write to you every time I read your updates, but was so short of words, do you know the tongue tied type? Instead I prayed for Andrew's healing few times a day especially when I say my grace before meals. May our God miraculously restore Andrew's health and ability to taste food again.
    Grace, thank God for your strong faith and strength to go though this with Andrew. Your love will not be forgotten. I really appreciate what you said " My hope is not in nutrition,, just as it is not in doctors, my hope is in God and God alone", my own simple faith in God had pulled me though a lot of difficult times also.
    Praise God that Andrew had completed his treatments and pray that no other complications will occur in the future.
    I'll be continue to pray for you all!

    Patricia Der (Joyce and David's friend)
    Upland, Ca

  4. Andrew and Grace,

    We're praying for you constantly. Keep up the good fight!

    Ben & Shaina Englund

  5. Dear Grace and Andrew:
    So glad to hear the update from Grace. Now that the treatment is over, things will eventually get better : )
    Praying that you are having a good week-end, recovering from all that toxic effects.
    NJ is in the 90, but not too humid-a rather nice summer day..
    Blessings to you and your family,