Monday, March 24, 2008


FLAP (new pseudo tongue/floor of mouth) MAY BE AT RISK!



  1. Grace, we're praying for Andrew - praying for you that you will rest in the Hand of God that the LORD will be all your strength, your hope and your joy. We're praying that God will be glorified in and through you and that everyone who sees you, everyone who ministers to you, to Andrew and to your family will surely see and know the presence of the LORD. I pray for divine strength for you to carry on that God would move in and through you and that Andrew would have complete assurance of the filling and presence of the LORD and that the LORD will supernaturally flood him with comfort,peace, strength, faith, trust, hope, joy, and of course, I pray God will restore health and long life to Andrew. I pray you will be strengthened to go through these days hand in Hand with Jesus our Lord and Saviour. O - I pray for God to bless as He has so abundantly blessed you every day. with love, pamela for the spurling family.

  2. Andrew, Grace and family,

    You are all in our prayers! Our Lord and Savior has us all in the palm of his hands and it is such a blessing seeing you all glorify him through this entire process. Thank you for keeping us updated through this blog. I pray that you will be filled with strength to be there for Andrew and that Andrew will get through this quickly. You are such and encouragement to others. God bless you all.

    With love and prayers,
    Jolie Hall
    Everett, WA

  3. Praying fervently for Andrew and you.

    Hal & Cecilie

  4. Dear Grace and Andrew:
    Our prayers are with you through this trying times. So glad to know that the bleeding stops, and pray that the worst is over. Check out Ps 121:2 'I look up onto the hills.. our help comes from the Lord'
    We'll pray for continual healing, and less discomfort for Andrew.
    Tell Andrew our whole family is praying for him. He would remember our 2 sons, Kane and Kevin, though they are older than him. We are from NJ, your in-laws' friends. Take care of yourself, Grace, and abundant blessings for a speedy recovery for Andrew,
    Gloria and Eugene Koo

  5. praying for you all still~
    Kev and Jackie

  6. we continue to pray daily for you guys.

    Psalm 46

    -Steven & Angie

  7. day grace
    im always praying for andrew's recovery..God is always good at all 91:15
    because he holds fast to me in love, i will deliver him;I will protect him,because he knows my name.
    we love you all from your cbf family.