Sunday, March 23, 2008

After the 2nd Surgery

Andrew finished surgery at 4pm and is doing well! The Lord heard our cries! The doctors were able to clear the clog in the free flap by grafting in a vein from his leg. He is resting now and Grace is praising the Lord not only for his mercy through the surgery but also for the body at RBC and everyone who has been praying and showing them such love through this time.

Due to various drama last night, I couldn’t leave Andrew. I only got 2 hours of sleep. The Lord truly sustained me today, though, because I felt fine. Nonetheless, I am hoping to go home and get some sleep tonight (There’s no beds in ICU).

God truly provided a peace that surpassed understanding for me and Andrew’s parents. We found such fellowship and comfort in each other in the waiting room today. The time passed quickly as we prayed before and after any news, lunch, anything at all. We felt like small children, safe in our Father’s arms, though we did not know what the next moment held. I am a witness to the reality that the weaker we are in ourselves, the more strength God provides to His children. I am telling you, there was absolutely no way I could have mustered that. Originally, when I first heard of Andrew’s threatened flap, I had felt so discouraged, but God answered people’s prayers for me and infused my heart with peace, and hope, and faith that He is faithful and able, and will take care of me no matter what.

Andrew is being pushed to the limits not only physically, but emotionally, and every other possible way. He has tubes coming out of everywhere, and he has to sleep sitting up, he breathes through his trache tube, which sometimes feels like he’s breathing through a straw or worse (but the oxygen levels are still very good. It just doesn’t feel like it). He’s not allowed to eat the day of surgery, so he was supposed to have his 1st feeding this morning, but instead was brought into surgery. And now again, he cannot eat the day of surgery. He keeps saying he wants to eat, but they can’t feed him yet. (He does get fluids and sugar, though, so he won’t starve to death.)

He is also sleep deprived. In ICU every hour they have to poke you with needles, turn on lights, and do all kinds of checks that necessarily wake him up. Imagine being sleep deprived, not eating since Wednesday night (It’s Saturday night), and feeling panicked at times that you can’t breathe. He is extremely frustrated and keeps saying he wants to eat or he wants to go home.

Please continue to pray:

1. that the free flap would take well and no further complications or mishaps.

2. the Lord's complete healing of his whole body.

3. For Andrew’s peace of mind and relief from all the discomfort and frustrations.

4. Pray I’d get the rest I need so I can continue to be healthy and take care of him.

Andrew tried to say a word this morning: "Internet." I was so amazed b/c he is not supposed to be able to talk at all with the tube in his throat.


  1. we are so proud of all of you for getting through this tough time with the great strength you all have. you and andrew are in our prayers.

  2. Praying for you! May God continue to give you His peace and strength! much love, rebecca t.

  3. oh, remind your dear husband that so many people are bringing Him before the throne of God in prayer!! :) THANK you so much for updating us, even through all of this! believe me, i'm sure people are checking for updates all day long like i am!

  4. Grace,
    We are continually praying for your family! We are checking this site for updates 3-4 times a day to see the updates. Please know that you are loved not just by all these people around the U.S. but, more importantly by God our maker! We are leaving for church early today (Praise Jesus! He has risen JUST as HE said!!) to spend some time in prayer it has been such a joy to see God maginified through your lives -- MUCH love to you!
    Spokane, WA