Monday, February 26, 2007

Update on Andrew's Recovery


The video below is from Saturday 2/24/07. I've already come a long way in my speech since then. I am also able to eat a little soft food. Eating has been really difficult, and often is discouraging. It isn't as painful anymore, but it's just difficult to move food around and swallow it. So I get discouraged and don't have much of an appetite. But I just have to force myself to do it. My goal is to somehow gain all my weight back before radiation starts. I typically have to drink smoothies and drinks, but at dinner each day I practice chewing food as much as I can. I'm still losing weight (~15 lbs so far), but my calorie intake is getting much better.

We still don't have the pathology results, so we're just waiting in suspense for now. Although it has been difficult physically after surgery, I'm glad to be home with my wife and the kids. They are a joy to be with.

Erik is still in a coma right now, but we're praying that he will come out of it soon. We got to visit him in the Critical Care Unit on Friday afternoon. It was hard to see him in that condition, but it just makes me pray harder for his recovery. As expected, his family encouraged me greatly during our short visit at the hospital. They're standing strong and very hopeful about the whole situation. Hopefully I'll be feeling up to visiting again tomorrow.

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