Thursday, February 15, 2007

A letter to the church

I hope everybody gets to read this at some point in time. It is amazing what has happened the past several weeks in my life.

God has brought our family so much joy in this trial through the love, encouragement, and physical care of the church body. All that you did pointed us to the perfection of Christ, who is the source of all joy. We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good through the good works done through you all. In the midst of your own busyness, difficulties and trials, you have sacrificed for us, and for that we will be ever thankful. You have been a true picture of Christ to us and to the world. Through your labors you have taught us a deeper meaning of sacrificial love.

This trial is not merely our family's trial, it is the church’s trial. The joy that we've had these past few weeks wasn’t due to any single person, or even an organized ministry of the church, it was the Spirit working in the hearts of people desiring to do God's work. Praise Him for providing the church as a means of exercising His grace to us.

I urge you all now to grow more and more in your love, care, and sacrifice for one another. We must continue to be open with each other about our physical and spiritual needs, so that we can meet them. The best part about the many ways in which you ministered to us (coming to appointments, calling us, cleaning our house, bringing food, babysitting, etc.) was just to see your faces and talk with you about what the Lord is doing. This is something that we look forward to doing all the time in the future.

By the time you read this, the tumor, Lord willing, will be gone from my body. We pray that I will recover and be back with you all soon. You truly are our family of families. We love you.


The Marks


  1. Grace--- We do praise the LORD with and for you as your report of the work of the LORD is soooo encouraging. We, and many others, joined you in prayer for Andrew's surgery and continue now for his recovery. We do pray that God will completely heal Andrew and that he will continue to grow stronger day by day both physically and spiritually as the LORD enables. We pray that his testimony will be heard of many and that many will be saved and encouraged as they face the trials of life and pain of sorrows. Thank you for your candid testimony. God bless you and Andrew and your family. ---pamela

  2. It is a beautiful picture He paints when the body comes together and works as it should. I am so blessed to be part of His body and encouraged by your strong love and faith. Praying for you both-