Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Grace took me out to a movie on Saturday afternoon. Around lunch time she hinted that I should take a nap before we go because I usually need to take a nap in the afternoon in order to make it through the evening with my family. Not suspecting that anything was up her sleeve I figure that would be a good idea and went for a short nap. When I woke up we rushed out the door to the theater and bought tickets for Wall-E. Sometimes I wonder how kids understand those animated movies because it almost seems like they are geared towards adults. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and its commentary on modern society.

When we got back home at 4:45PM I was quite tired and told Grace that I need to run upstairs and take another nap until dinner. So I rushed in with nothing but my bed in mind - SURPRISE!

I was scared, shocked, and confused. At first I thought, did accomplish something recently? Did I just finish chemo or radiation and they're congratulating me? It took me a little while to realize that my birthday was coming up on 9/11 but I didn't expect a party this early.

I was so happy to see people from church, work and our neighborhood. After blowing out the candles on my birthday cake I chatted with friends for a while. Even though it hurts to talk I try really hard to talk as much as I can so that I can exercise my mouth muscles. I actually had to run upstairs to take a dose of pain meds to make it through a few hours of talking to people. Three hours later after everybody left I finally made it to my bed exhausted and passed out immediately. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming all the way out here to throw me a surprise party and thanks Grace and everybody else for helping to put it together! You really did surprise me.


  1. Happy Early Birthday Andrew! We thank the Lord for every day He allows you to live, be a husband to your wife, and a father to your children. We're still praying for your complete recovery, with no complications from your 2nd dose of radiation. Is there anything more specific you'd like us to pray for?
    Steve & Amanda von Horn

  2. Andrew,
    Happy Early Birthday! We thank the Lord for every day He allows you to live, be a husband to your wife, and a father to your children. We hope that you totally healed and that God continues to bless you with the breath of life.

    You da man! You are truly and inspiration to me personally.
    Erik Roxanne Greene

  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew! What a fun surprise! Grace is the beeeeeest! :D

  4. Happy early birthday, Andrew!

    Gracie, I'm always thinking about you, Andrew and your children. I saw Julie over Labor Day weekend, and we both love you. *hugs*