Friday, March 09, 2007

Erik's Journal

Awesome news! Erik is improving and he's slowly coming out of his coma. He is able to make hand signals and respond to his wife, Roxanne. Read the latest journals written by his sister at the link below.

Gto and type erikgreene for the site name.

Some specific prayer requests:

Pray that he will continue to come out of the coma. He is progressing and is able to give hand signals to answer questions and communicate. He’s even able to focus his eyes for short periods of time.

Pray that his kidneys will begin to function. He is still on dialysis every other day.

Pray for the family as they look for a place to move Erik to—after the hospital discharges him. Right now the only place they can find is rather far away.

Pray that Erik will be able to be removed from the ventilator in the next day or so.

Erik is uncomfortable—with all of the tubes and machines attached to him. Pray that he will recover enough that these can all be removed.

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