Friday, October 12, 2007

The Pigtail Dancer

Last night, while Andrew went to his class at church, the kids and I went to my sister's house. The Glenn kids were so excited to have A.J. and Gracie to play with for the whole night. A.J. ran downstairs with Noah to the playroom while Gracie stayed in the living room with the girls. Zoe, 9, and Joy Joy, 7, played with Gracie's hair putting pigtails at the bottom of her head. They picked her up from my lap and brought her to the mirror. When they returned her to my lap, they tried three pigtails. They continued this pattern of bringing her back and forth from the mirror until finally the pigtails were at the top of her head.

When Zoe practiced the piano, Gracie rested her fingers on the piano bench as she looked up at her, enjoying the music. Later, while Noah was practicing his French horn, he put a CD in of the music he was supposed to be learning. I started clapping to it so A.J. and Gracie could hear the beat. Gracie swung her hips side to side like the pendulum of a clock. We all jumped up dancing. Joy tipped over into a headstand and A.J. tried to copy her. After falling over, he started rocking out, lifting his knees high and raising his fists up and down like a runner to the beat of the music, but Gracie stole all the attention because A.J.'s been a professional comedic dancer for some time now.

I didn't have a camcorder at my sister's, so this is Gracie dancing when my mom visited last week:

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  1. gracie you really feel good...i love the way dance...God bless baby gracie