Saturday, March 22, 2008


They have been in surgery with Andrew since 8am (12pm now). They are still exploring his neck for a blood clot somewhere to find out why the blood flow isn’t working. Pray that the doctors would find the blood clot and that the free-flap (chunk of forearm used to replace floor of mouth and tongue) would work. Pray that they wouldn’t have to graft a new vein for it to work. My father-in-law (his job is familiar with a lot of this stuff) says that a blood clot in general could be very dangerous to Andrew’s life.

Please pray that God would suddenly start making the surgery easy for the doctors.

1. To find clot

2. For free-flap (the new tongue and floor of mouth) to work with no more complications

3. for surgery to suddenly become easy for the doctors


  1. I am praying for you!
    Liz J.

  2. hi - we are friends of the aye's in vegas and will be praying for your family and the doctors.

    much love -
    the mannings