Friday, March 28, 2008 4

please pray for andrew tomorrow as they will bring him into a short surgery around 8am to drain his leg of blood and remove some clots.

they have put him on antibiotics, because he had a fever of 102 today, just in case he has an infection. they don't think he has one, but we won't get the lab results back for a few days. his fever made them watching for pneumonia, but his lungs didn't show any evidence of it. in fact, his lungs looked a lot clearer than yesterday in an x-ray.

they took him off heparin, the main blood thinner, today. they usually don't give that to patients. they made an exception for Andrew, though, since he's so special (he super-clots). they are taking him off since his flap has been doing well for six days, now, so there shouldn't be much risk to it clotting and dying anymore. they were eager to get him off the blood thinner, because if you don't have a blood thinner, then you don't bleed as much. and if you don't bleed, then there's nothing to clot up in your leg.

other than that, he is improving and his flap is doing well.

Please pray:
1. for andrew as he is longing to get out of bed, but right now the problems with his leg bleeding is preventing that.

2. for no more complications and that we will be able to get out of ICU this weekend.

3. i wouldn't get sick. i feel like i have been coming down with a cold. there are lots of viruses going around and there continues not to be a lot of time for sleep.

sorry for not emailing more this week. my laptop stopped working monday, so anything i sent out after that was real fast on the public computer here.

if anyone knows if it's possible to subscribe to our blog, please let me know. then people can automatically be notified when i post a new blog and i won't have to send out so many emails. it's hard to do that, cause i have four email lists and can't fit them all onto one.



  1. it IS possible to subscribe to your blog! that's how i've been getting your updates (not through email). i use google reader, and it's very easy.
    thank you, again, for taking the time to update us. i am one of the ones always waiting for an update! we are praying! love to you!

  2. i have been thinking about you ever since i read your blog a few days ago. you're in my heart and prayers. every time i read your blog, it just tugs at my heart's strings. glad to hear andrew is doing better... and i'll keep checking back as he progresses.

  3. Hello, Grace (Andrew, and family).

    We prayed for you all multiple times at our elders' retreat this last week.

    It is possible to subscribe to your blog; that feature is built in. Those who want to subscribe should look for the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) at the bottom of the main page. Most browsers (like Firefox) also have a symbol in the address bar that shows RSS is available.

    Some time ago I posted links and a video for those who don't know what it means to "subscribe" to a blog. Subscribing also requires a feed reader (I'd recommend Google Reader) but the links and video explain better.

    You don't need to send emails any more. Hope that helps.

  4. grace -
    we continue to pray for you - for Andrew - and pray for God's perfect will to be done, that He would bless, guide, provide, protect, heal and encourage your hearts. we pray for comfort for you too, Grace, that you would get much needed rest and be spared from any sickness at all.
    Our family continues to stand with you and for you in prayer.

    with love, pamela
    for the spurling family

  5. Your blog has an ATOM feed at any RSS reader can subscribe to this feed to get update automatically. The latest version of both Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook have an RSS reader built in, there are also several more available on the interent. My personal favorite is because it is a web-based RSS reader so you don't have to install anything. Anybody who hasn't heard about RSS really ought to investigate it. It saves tons of time having to check blogs to see if there is new.

  6. hello Grace,
    I was really thankful to hear that there is a possibility Andrew may get out of ICU -- We are constantly checking this site for updates. Thank you to skh for posting a "how to" to subscribe for what it sounds like are fresh updates without checking this website constantly. SOME of us (me) are "computer-challenged". In fact until this blog I had never-ever-ever posted any "blog" comments. This is a whole new world to some of us (okay, maybe it's just me) but, it's so good to learn about what God is doing by reading your blogspot! (Maybe we should all have these?) Zac (age 9) has been praying specifically for your children -- it is incredible to hear a child praying for little ones because he would know just how to pray... He is also praying for a miraculous healing! Oh, to have that faith - of a little child - He said: "Mom, God made man from the dirt- HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!" Yes, yes, He can! GOD is so much bigger than mans feeble faith!