Wednesday, September 21, 2005

24 Things I Love about Andrew

This is for my husband's 24th birthday that just passed.

1. He loves the Lord
2. He has an insistent and zealous passion for holiness
3. He’s humble
4. He’s teachable
5. He’s inquisitive (Such a rare quality. This also betrays a humble spirit)
6. He’s beautiful. I love his face.
7. He loves our son so much. He is so tender to him.
8. He’s very gracious.
9. I love the way he loves me – so tender, yet raw; so constant. He wants to know me more and more, yet still increases in his love for me!
10. He makes me better. He improves me. And when he knows how to do something and wants me to know how to do it too, he teaches me how to do it.
11. He’s very patient as I stumble through the lessons.
12. We enjoy New Jersey together. We enjoy New York City together. We enjoy the rain and the fall together. We enjoy everything together.
13. We love practicing hospitality together.
14. We love seeing God work in people’s hearts through ministry.
15. He’s open-minded.
16. He’s a diligent worker and loves to work – anything from working in a grocery shop to being an engineer. He excels when he sets his mind to it.
17. He’s very efficient and helps me learn to be more effective too.
18. He’s a servant, always wanting to help others.
19. We have so much fun together and laugh together. We can talk about anything together. I’ve never ever had that with anyone.
20. He’s a great listener.
21. He’s a wonderful spiritual leader and perfectly suited to lead me – able to stand up to and withstand my strong personality, yet gentle and not overbearing. I really respect that.
22. He is careful not to break me, frustrate me, or stifle me. He encourages me and attentively keeps track of my strengths so that he can help me cultivate them. He wants me to be the most enhanced version of what God has made me. How mature and not self-centered for one no more than 24 years old!
23. When he realizes he needs to do something or change something, or realizes something is right, he doesn’t procrastinate but takes care of it right away.
24. He is a picture of the gospel. How gracious and how faithful the Lord has been to Him! How He has transformed him into a new creation!

To sum up, I love Andrew because he’s Andrew. Others may share similar characteristics – although I don’t think I’ve met anyone with all of them – but none of them are Andrew.