Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can It Be?

Today, on my way down to surprise Andrew after I had been at home with a cold all weekend not wanting to give it to him, guess who I got a phone call from?

Andrew Mark.

Yes, my husband.

Now, was it silence on the other end that I was supposed to automatically sing to like this weekend? Oh no. It was my husband talking to me. And it was not just noises he was making with his voice. He was understandable. He was articulating words.

Everyone is shocked, including Dr. Yueh. We will have to get audio up tomorrow on our blog of him.

So what is the difference between today and yesterday? Other than he got out of ICU last night and all his tubes were removed praise the Lord, he was sitting in a chair, can get good rest and is so happy now? Well, they lowered the balloon that was around his trache (plastic tube down his airway that allows him to breathe despite all the swelling). The balloon had blocked his voice box, making sound impossible. When they removed it, they were expecting him to make some sound with his voice and then over a long period of time and speech therapy he might become increasingly understandable. Well, he's quite understandable even now.

Andrew was chattering all evening, making up for the past two weeks. I just stared the whole time, trying to absorb the shocking change. One minute he's laying on a bed, silent, hardly able to move. Now, he's sitting on a chair as energetic as A.J., moving all around. It seemed so abnormal, him moving his arms, legs, reaching here and there for this and that, I almost would have jumped up and told him to stop and rest, if he hadn't looked so comfortable and natural doing it.

What encouragement this brings us. God has answered so many of our prayers, particularly Andrew's silent ones last night, I can't wait till his right arm heals and he can type it all out to tell you himself. Truly God is faithful even when we are faithless (2Tim. 2:13).

Well, please continue to pray for Andrew's complete healing and for no more cancer.


  1. Grace & Andrew,

    God is so good! This is just another example of his perfect love for us! Praise the Lord for Andrew's progress and his voice. You have been in our families prayers and we are so encouraged by you and your walk with our heavenly father. We will continue to pray for his complete healing and strength for you!!

    With love and prayers,
    Ryan and Jolie Hall

  2. PTL!

    Just wanted to thank you guys for sharing with us how God has been working and for being a great encouragement to us with your faith and perspective. We will continue to pray.

    -Steven & Angie

  3. That is SUCH good news... and there is nowhere to attribute such a surprise except to our gracious Lord! Yeah! This brings so much joy to my heart to see God answering our prayers above and beyond what we can ask or imagine!


  4. what an encouraging development! praise god!! we'll keep praying... thanks for the update :o)

    -alicia (& casey) theule

  5. What wonderful news! Praise the Lord! We're rejoicing with you in the Lord's gracious love and mercy.

  6. praise the Lord! what a blessing! we will continue praying!

  7. Grace,

    It was just something getting that phone call last night from Mark, when he said "Guess who I am talking to?" And when he first said Andrew I thought he just meant he was visiting...but then he said "No, HE is talking to ME!" WHAT?? Praise the Lord! When Mark put Andrew on the phone our kid's ears perked up and after I hung up they said "Were you talking to MR ANDREW??" I said "YES!" and they both started jumping up and down so happy! Wow! I can just imagine your face when you answered your phone and you heard Andrew on the other end! What a blessing and praise to God!

    Always praying,

  8. Oh I almost forgot...

    I remembered the prayer request that Andrew's dad sent out I think before the surgery began...that he would be able to praise God with his lips again!

    An answered prayer!

  9. wow we are so happy to read the great news! Looking forward to hearing from andrew and reading more. Our prayers to your family!

  10. Praise God! We are so excited!
    -Heather and Matt

  11. Praise the Lord indeed! What a great and miraculous answer to prayer. You and Andrew have been in my thoughts and prayers so much lately. Thanks for sharing all that you have and for not wasting your trials!

    -Jane (Park) Kim

  12. Dear Grace, Andrew, family!
    I am reading, crying, praising the Lord God for Andrew's speech! Just yesterday my little boys (Andrew and Zac) asked the Lord for "Mr. Mark to be able to talk". Again, these incredible prayers from my sweet boys have been blessings beyond belief. Zac just said to me (as they read the blog with me) "If Jesus were here (he means physically) I would hug Him and hug Him for a million hours. I am so happy!" We are TRULY rejoicing -- WHAT incredible news!! Right now we will again be on our knees praying for your entire family. Zac has been looking up Bible verses in Ephesians the past two days. (He has a little journal that he likes to write his verses in.) Here is one he'd like to share with you: Ephesians 6:18 "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert, and always keep on praying for all the saints." Again, we are very encouraged to hear of Andrew "chattering" and can't wait to hear an audio of him! The Lord continues to glorify Himself in you, His vessels of righteousness.
    Much love to you,
    The Magees

  13. HOLY STINK!!!! That is crazy!! God is SO good!

  14. Andrew - you are remarkable! We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you soon!.
    From - your friends at Motorola Burnsville.

  15. WOW!

    First Grant and now Andrew? God is truly amazing! I have to admit that I am curious to hear what he sounds like. However, there is as much joy in my heart at God's Grace to the Marks as there has been in my life! I am sure some video will only release more of the joy-flood!

    Thank you for continually sharing this journey of God's faithfulness with us! I cannot communicate the unspeakable encouragement and joy it brings! We love and miss you guys!

  16. our God is mighty. awesome news, truly He alone can work as this.
    much love Marks, may you continue to fix your eyes on Christ in all things!

  17. Dear Grace,
    Praise and glory to God for this news! Thank you and your family for being such a strong testimony that encourages our family and church family. We will pray for Andrew and your family. Praise God!

  18. I haven't had the blessing of getting to know either of you, but I am praying and already love you very much. I hope to be able to get to know you better as time goes on. Thank you so much for your example of faithfulness & love for God. I will continue to pray and am excited for what God has already done & what I truly believe He will continue to do.
    Evedna Pullis