Monday, February 09, 2009

Message from Sunday

The message from Sunday's service is now available online. It can be found here: "Reflections on the suffering and death of a 27 year-old man."


  1. To all blog readers,
    There is a group started on Facebook for anyone interested in committing to pray for Grace and the family every day up until Easter Sunday. You can log on to Facebook and type in the group "Prayer for Andrew's Family" and sign up for a time slot. Please, come and join us in lifting Grace and her family up to the throne of the King!

    ~Kim S.

  2. Thanks for sharing. We sincerely appreciated your pastor's eternal perspective.

    Thanks again for including us in your lives. We miss having you in Seattle but feel like we've been part of your lives every step of the way through this journey. Your openness and transparency through this blog has been an amazing testimony.

    Ben & Shaina Englund

  3. grace,

    we do not know each other-but i was a friend of andrew's from his RCCC YG days...

    i've been keeping you and andrew in prayer through the past months...

    thank you for blessing my life through your faith and love for Christ.

  4. Grace,
    I used to work for Andrew's father Dave, and had seen Andrew grown up in our church, RCCC, until he left. First met you at your wedding- what a beautiful bride!!

    I composed a poem, emailed to Andrew's address, so that the impact of his story can continue on.....

    Chin-Lin Fong from New Jersey

  5. there's also a group dedicated to Andrew on Facebook titled "Pray for the Mark Family - In Memory of Andrew W. Mark"

  6. Dearest Grace,

    We are praying and we love you. Wish we could see you and give you a big hug. Heaven will be a wonderful reunion for all of us, won't it?

    Thankful to the Lord for you and Andrew,

    Todd, Julie and family

  7. Dearest Grace,

    Thank you for posting Sunday's Sermon. We have listened to our friend, Bob, deliver with such clarity, passion and conviction a beautiful description of the gospel and the intimacy gained with our Savior through suffering. We have posted this link on our own blog and many of our friends here in MI (and throughout the states) are listening. We love your family dearly and will continue to pray faithfully. The Lord is near to the broken-hearted. I look forward with eager anticipation to see how the Lord will continue to use you, his faithful servant, and all that you have learned in the school of suffering. You are a tremendous blessing to us.

    In Christ,