Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beloved's Suffering and Death Has Gone National

Wow. You can download today's national broadcast about Andrew's death on Way of the Master with Todd Friel here:


  1. Wow is right! Thank you for posting this, Grace. I was trying to figure out how to download it last night but couldn't figure it out. We really want to listen to it.

    Ysterday was absolutely amazing. It was so good to hear his siblings talk about him. He has a very special family, that is for sure. That picture of Andrew standing looking at the mountains that you used with his name and quote on it is just precious. We framed it and have it sitting in our kitchen. We promise to continue to pray for you every day.

  2. Dear Grace,

    Andrew's testimony is powerful and brings deepest praise to our great God. We are rejoicing that God is using Andrew's life and death to impact the whole world! May God be praised and many souls saved.

    You are an amazing testimony, dear one, of God's grace. You always have been, but more so now. Your name fits you very well.

    We love you and are praying!

    Todd, Julie and family

  3. Oh Gracei,

    This must be so encouraging for you - as it is for all of us. Praise to our dear, sweet Lord. May He continue to be exalted and draw men unto Him.

    Love you and continuing to pray for His strength and peace for you.

    Selena Porter