Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks for the memories...Part 1 of 4


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday got to visit with many of our old friends from when we used to live in Southern California at UCLA. On Sunday night we had a get together in Fullerton. Even though we planned it last minute, some of our friends and family were able to make it. People came from all over the place to be with us from Seattle, to Northern California, to Maryland.

To say the least, the past several days has been an extremely encouraging time catching up. I was afraid it would feel weird like it was everybody's last chance to see me before I die. But instead it was just like catching up on the past few years. On Sunday night I was having such a great time laughing that I forgot about pain and cancer. During the sharing time Kenny summed up a year or two of memories as "legendary debacles." My old roomate, Mike (a.k.a. Sung), finally admitted that the low point in his life was when he was living with me (see videos)!

I wanted to have the sharing time so that I could video tape it for my kids. I want my kids to hear from my family and friends that if I die, it might be sad but its not an empty tragedy. I want my kids to see that God was faithful to use my life for a purpose, to be there for others. In the same way, God used every single person in that room and countless others to be there for me through the thick and thin, to hold me up when I was weak, to teach me something new each day, and to enrich my life with experiences that molded me into who I am today. I treasure these words because not because they mean that I am great, but that God is great. That He would rescue somebody like me from hell, but also that He would rescue me from squandering my life. Praise God that He would use me to have impact. Even if it is a small impact for just a few years. That is a picture of the gospel.

Unfortunately my parents were not able to come out to California last minute to be there, but they of course have been and still are the most influential people in my life. Thank you all for being who you are and for being in my life. Thanks for the memories.

Video Part 1 (more parts in blogs below. If you can I encourage you to watch them all. You'll catch a glimpse of my history and the Lord's faithfulness in my life. Prayer requests and updates are at the end of Part 4):

See Video Part 2 in the blog below...


  1. Hi Andrew and Grace,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you and your kids this past Sunday at IBC. They are too sweet. We've had you guys in our prayers and thoughts. The Lord has used you help me think rightly of difficult circumstances we've had in our life this past year. Thank you for that. I've read your ups and downs. I'm continually humbled by your perspective and love for the Lord, esp. in your blog titled What am I living for? May you press on, live to glorify Him and know Him, and continue to sharpen others as you do.
    A sister in Christ,

  2. hey Marks!!! We miss you around the neighborhood! I am so extremely HAPPY things are going well in CA. It looks like you have had an amazing trip. We prayed for you at church last night! Our whole small group has been praying for you- barely knowing you we love you so much. Praise God for your life and they way you have touched others in these videos. We can't wait to welcome you home. Love: Tom, Mel, Avery and Isaac