Friday, November 07, 2008

Praise God!


Praise God that we made it to California safely. The first two days were rough being in a 9 foot wide box with 5 people, but after a while things smoothed out and we got more used to it. I enjoyed the trip, the kids did great, and God has answered so many prayers. We are now staying at a friend's house in Cerritos that they recently moved out but is still partially furnished. I was taking a walk in the warm sun this morning praying and just thanking the Lord for all that He is doing in and around us.

This Sunday we will be having a get-together at our friend, Joy's, house in Fullerton from 4-8PM. Details are in the blog below.

Update - During the get together at 6 PM on Sunday we will have a time of sharing which I hope to video tape for my kids to keep. If you are planning on coming I hope you can make it to that. Food will be provided. See address in the blog below.
1) The Lord granted us an enjoyable trip to CA and brought us here safely.

2) I'm feeling better physically because I've been able to get off narcotics for a week now (and its sunny and warm). My body has finally adjusted to simple over the counter pain meds. Also, though we've been traveling we've been able to maintain my special diet, blend healthy organic foods, and juice for me.

3) The Lord provided a relaxing, private, 3 bedroom house for us to stay in and relax for a few days before I begin treatment. This is such a retreat for us! I'm almost tempted to blow off treatments and just hang out here for 2 weeks!

4) We're feeling spiritually encouraged and refreshed as we have had time to relax and spend in God's word and prayer as a family. The Lord must truly be answering your prayers for us. I feel excited about what God is doing around us. Keep praying big prayers! I feel like God is going to do great things. Maybe Jesus will return soon and usher in the new Kingdom!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Day 1 - Driving through Iowa.

Day 2 - We relaxed all afternoon at a beautiful park in Oklahoma City. I had no idea what to expect from Oklahoma. This was an absolutely beautiful place on a beautiful afternoon.

Day 3 - We started our morning routine at a park in Amarillo, Tx

Day 4 - We started our morning routine at a park in Flagstaff, Az. We met Ray and Bonita, Hopi Native Americans and had an opportunity to have a great conversation with them.

Day 4 - The Grand Canyon. Wow. I've seen pictures, but seeing it and looking over the edge with no railing really makes you feel small. I was absolutely amazed. This is the one trip I never was able to make while I lived in Los Angeles. I'm glad I was finally able to make it there.

Gracie soaking up the sun in Cerritos, CA. We made it!


  1. Dear Andrew and Grace:
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. Our Lord is indeed good!!!
    Blessings and prayers for your continued recovery. Have a great time in LA area,
    Gloria from NJ

  2. so thankful to hear about these blessings on this trip, man. Stay strong, stay faithful! God bless ya, Andrew.


  3. OH- this was SO fun to see! we love and pray for you! Thank God for allowing this beautiful time of rest and enjoyment! i cannot wait to hear how the get-together goes today! Lisa

  4. What great blessings! Thanks for sharing your words and pictures. We sure wish we could be there to visit with you -- you're in our prayers constantly!
    With God's blessings,
    Dave and Cynthia

  5. We are there with you in Spirit. We sincerely wished and prayed that we could have joined you.
    It is so nice to see pics. THe children have grown SO much and are so beautiful. Gracie has so much hair!
    ~Amy Lewis

  6. Hi! Your friends at Motorola Minnesota wanted to "check in" and let you know our thoughts and prayers have been with you. You have missed the first measurable snow of the season :-)and pray that your journey remains safe and positive. Take care! Vicky