Sunday, December 06, 2009

Young Pastor Diagnosed

This young pastor had a seizure on Thanksgiving, only to find out he had a huge tumor on his frontal lobe. Listen to his unexpected words, read his blog, check out his tweet too!


  1. Hello Grace.

    Thank you for posting this from Matt Chandler. Matt is a fine young pastor with an incredible heart for evangelism and truth. Thanksgiving night, I had the privilege to go out witnessing to folks standing in lines at Best Buy awaiting Black Friday with one of his church members and our team was able to pray immediately for him. We await the glory that God will ultimately reveal in this tragedy with hope as well as the good we will see in our own lives.

    Also thank you for sharing the wonderful work that God has accomplished through your own tragedy. We are all encouraged by testimonies of the sovereign grace of God through our trials. Our God is faithful and true through it all and is worthy of all praise! God bless you and may He continue to bless His people through you and your family!

    Looking To Jesus,

    Greg Rice

  2. Up until the middle of October, I was a member of The Village Church, and Matt was my pastor (and had been for five years).

    The tumor has turned out to be malignant, and due to the nature of it, the surgeon was unable to remove all of it.

    It appears Matt and Lauren have a difficult road to travel.

    I have been following your blog for some time, and have been blessed and encouraged as I've witnessed your walk of faith in the midst of such a great trial. I have been thinking of forwarding your link to Lauren, Matt's wife. They have three young children, the youngest being only 7 months old. I think your words here on your blog would be of benefit to her (them).

  3. Grace: Thanks for the link. More people to pray for! However, I would like to know how you and your children are doing. Have been praying for you quite a bit during the holiday season and hope you're well.

  4. Hi Grace!
    It was wonderful to meet you at church today. Thanks again for your blog --- please keep us posted on how we can specificallyh pray for you and the kids. *Evie said she had fun with Gracie & AJ.*
    :) Tami