Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some pictures

I'm gaining strength each day. The pain in my mouth, neck and throat area has gotten a little worse and is taking a very long time to heal. Part of it is my jaw, and perhaps part of it is that some nerves were numbed from surgery and radiation, but are now starting to rejuvenate. Also, my rehab exercises cause me plenty of pain and some bleeding, but I have to do them. It is encouraging to see progress in a positive direction again and it gives me hope. Below are some pictures from the past few months that a never had the strength to upload and post.

The big Tomotherapy machine. They scoot me inside this thing for about 25 mins 5 days per week for 7 weeks. That plastic mask is very tight and uncomfortable.

The kids and I a few weeks after surgery.

The kids and I the day before my surgery. This was my last meal that I ate which was a Horseradish encrusted filet mignon at Wildfire in Eden Prairie.
Grace's 28th Birthday Party (May 10, 2008)

More of Grace's Birthday

My right arm. This is where they took skin, muscles and blood vessels to reconstruct my mouth. My leg has similar wounds as well.

AJ and Gracie playing in the sand box in our backyard. They're best friends!

AJ and Gracie picking wild flowers at the park near our house.


  1. Dear Andrew and Grace,
    How wonderful to see the pictures of each of you. AJ and Gracie are sure growing up! The are precious!
    We have you continually in our prayers. We thank the Lord for your faithfulness to Him and how you turn to the Lord and to His Word to bring you comfort and strength. It is an example of true faith to me and to so many others.
    We love and miss you both,
    Jim and Gail Martin

  2. Great to see you! Even though that machine you had to go in with the mask looks pretty scary. How beautiful that AJ and Gracie are best buds. That's truly a gift from the Lord.